01 September, 2013

Five Years

A few months ago in OBX, NC since we haven't taken any pictures of the two of us since then. Eeek! 
Steven and I celebrated our five year anniversary a few days late at Ludwig's Bistro in Sitka, Alaska. We chatted quietly over calamari and spicy clam chowder; his beard was a little bristly and my hair was out of control from the rain.

Our pant legs were wet and our feet were cold, but it couldn't have been more perfect.

I really love Steven. I love being freezing cold with him and blisteringly hot, I love being in crowded airports or on lone beaches. I love stressing out with him and I love feeling peace with him. I just really love him.

I was only nineteen when we got married and when people find out their eyebrows usually (and justifiably) shoot to their hairlines and I want to say
"I know, I know. Nineteen is so young."

And I mean, it is. To decide the person you want to be with for eternity when you're at the idiot age of nineteen seems like handing a baby a rocket launcher, at least, when I think about it logically.

But I'm not very logical, to be honest. There just wasn't any other option. I knew then and I know now that Steven is the very best person I have ever known and it's a privilege beyond words to be his best friend and spouse.

I don't feel like the prime of my life ended when I married him - I mean, your twenties, you know? The years when you're supposed to be figuring out who you are, making mistakes, having adventures. Well, I've done all of those things; I'd already had plenty of adventures and mistakes made long before I met Steven. But having him beside me these past five years has enriched every experience beyond anything I could have felt or done on my own.

"I'm young, but I'm yours."


  1. Happy Anniversary to two people who truly love each other! Love you both!


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