17 September, 2013


In August, we spent a week-and-a-half in Sitka, Alaska - the town I grew up in. The first few days were kind of a blur - I was in my friend Natalia's wedding party and we were busy with an overnight camping bachelorette party, wedding preparations and of course the actual wedding (which was beautiful. but I don't have any pictures!). 

Once things settled down, Steven and the kids and I took our time visiting the different beaches and trails that I practically lived at as a kid. It was magical to watch my own kids feel at home on the pebbly shores and amidst wet hemlock branches and huckleberry bushes. They had to touch everything, jump in every puddle, and explore every semblance of trail they could - and we all loved it. 

We saw a humpback whale, brown bears (in captivity, don't worry), and hoards of salmon. We ate delicious seafood and all products Tillamook ;). 

When we boarded the flight home I felt good about it all. About visiting, about leaving. It's nice to know where home is; and that's wherever my loves are. 

That, friends, is a humpback whale.

This is my insane son and his new friend dancing their little hearts out on the whale-watching tour.

Steven is definitely my soul mate; we both got misty-eyed watching the salmon swim up-river while I explained to him their life cycle. It's emotional stuff! 

Gage & Banana Slug

A little sidenote about bears: they terrify me. As they should! If you find yourself in Southeast Alaska, please go to Sitka and stop by Fortress of the Bear. 

Love my good friends. 

so. much. hot chocolate.

Family photo courtesy of my pal Rose at Natalia's wedding. What a party! 

There is no bachelorette party like an Alaskan bachelorette party. We spent the night at a cabin about 20 minutes by boat from Sitka. So much fun, and a surprisingly good night's sleep.

And my love and I dancing the night away. Weddings remind me to be giddy about Steven.


  1. Alaska is on my travel bucket list!

  2. Alaska is on my travel bucket list!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great trip!!!

  4. I am sending a high school friend your way. She has IC too.

  5. I am sending a high school friend your way. She has IC too.

  6. Looks like a wonderful trip! So glad y'all have fun. Can't wait to see you and your darling family again. Xoxo


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