28 July, 2013


Last week we went to Abbott's farm to pick raspberries. The pink ones are my favorite because they're so tart that they taste like candy. Gage likes the sweet, juicy, deep purple ones and KJ will eat just about any of them.

In fact, that's her job; to sit in the stroller while Gage and I pick. And every few seconds we'll put a handful in her lap and she'll gobble them up with a smile. You can kind of see her little face in that second picture, content to lean back in her spot and lick raspberry juice from her fingers while singing a song called "Ma-ma, buh-duh, da-da". It's an original composition ;)

When I'm surrounded by green, fresh energy, I can't help but feel immensely blessed. The most basic things are the most beautiful: the fact that we live in a world where there are berries to be picked and made into jam that I can't stop sneaking little tastes of.

I also feel just full to the brim when I think of my parents and sister who are here for the summer, making life brighter for all of us. And of course my Steven. Of course.

Sometimes it's hard to remember what your role is in this big old world. Especially if you feel like maybe you aren't yourself at the moment. Do you ever feel that way? I'm reading Anne of Avonlea right now and it's both cathartic and a little sad for me - I belong in the woods, skipping around and singing and saying ridiculous, poetic things that make no sense to anyone but me! I belong in the kitchen, botching pies and making my kids laugh like loons when I put flour on my face and dance around like an Egyptian! I belong out and about, being busy as a bee and talking up a storm.

But for now. For now. I say that to myself so many times every day. For now, I am where I need to be. Even if I'm not entirely myself, I'm doing what I ought to. And thanks heavens that includes an occasional trip to the farm to pick berries with the people I love.


  1. What a fun family outing! I want to go raspberry picking very badly! :-)

  2. I LOVE! berry picking, and considering we live in like the heart of berry picking land... I look forward to it each summer. We recently did a bunch of blueberries. My parent's have raspberries and we will of course do the usual blackberries come August when they're oh so juicy and sweet. Last night we went for a family run (meaning Tyler and I ran while the older two rode bikes and Z in the jogger stroller) and along the run on the trail there were loads of blackberries. Z would grunt and point until we'd break down and pick a handful for him. His mouth was covered in juicy purple stains, but he couldn't have been happier. I am so grateful we live in an area where produce is so readily available everywhere we go. And I must say Brooke, you're looking awfully slender yourself.

  3. feeling like yourself or not, you appear to handle everything in perfect Anne-of-Green-Gables style: happy.


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