13 July, 2013

Bare Feet

Me, at home in Sitka, Alaska in 2007.
This morning I woke up and my feet had cravings.

The cool, wet smoothness of boulders sprayed with surf.
The cushiony cleanness of moss.
Rough bark and dry reeds.

Sometimes I get a little sad about our current adventures. They aren't what they used to be. I grew up on tropical beaches, and then in the woods of Alaska with the crashing of waves constantly in the background of every thought and conversation. A part of my soul needs that; obviously my feet do, too. Or they wouldn't be imagining those textures, and with those textures, the accompanying feelings.

Freedom, energy, youth. My eyes only feel completely open when I'm barefoot and I can't hear cars or the hum of an air conditioner.

"The kids are my adventure now," I have to tell myself.

And listen, we've had adventures. Just different ones. The scale is smaller and I think that's okay.

We are going to Alaska next month for my dear friend's wedding, and I can't wait to take them to the places that made me who I am. I hope they feel their hearts open up wide to take in the mountains and the sea and the dripping green of wet trees.

I'll be sure to take off their shoes as often as I can.


  1. I was having those same type of feelings the other day although mine had nothing to do with Alaska. :) I'm so glad yall get to go there next month though! What fun. Sure love ya!

    1. It's because you're an adventurer! :) Love ya!

  2. My feet feel like this sounds lovely. :)

  3. Brooke, I know exactly what you are describing. I love those same things. I can feel Sitka/Alaska as I read it and know the emotions it brings, and the bond, the longing -- I have it even though I am here! I work too much! You are good at these kinds of descriptions! I remember that story you wrote about our sleep over out at Maury's was much the same way -- you found good words.

    I am so excited you are coming for Natalia's wedding!!! And the kiddies too!!! I can't wait to meet them!! YAY! Can I PLEASE come on at least one of your family outings while you are here?? I know it's an intimate thing, to be in Sitka with your troop, but I would LOVE to join you for a little hike or something!

    1. I can't WAIT to see you!!!! Please, please, PLEASE let's get together on a hike! Do you remember when we waded up to our shoulders at that ward picnic at Stargavin? Haha, I was just thinking about that. We were crazy! I'll email you soon to let you know the dates we'll be there. REALLY can't wait to see you!


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