27 June, 2013

Land That I Love

Unfortunately, this was the only photo documentation (that wasn't blurry) of me at Niagara Falls.

On a Friday afternoon, we picked Steven's parents up from the Rochester airport, then drove the scenic hour up to Niagara Falls, Canada. We weren't sure they'd let us in because we still don't have a corrected version of Kjel's birth certificate, but the kindly border patrol man, after asking us "What you's guy's is bringin' in" - let us in with some other paperwork we'd brought for her, and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

We've been told since we moved to New York, that the Canadian side of the Falls is way better. You have to drive through the American side before crossing over, and at first glance I completely agreed. The American side looked drab and tacky while the Canadian side boasts tons of restaurants, museums, arcades, haunted houses, and of course the wheel ferrel ;). The walk beside the Falls is made of stone with these neat arches throughout and all sorts of shops and places to get small treats. It really was beautiful, and I was convinced I loved the Canadian side best.

And then we went to the American side on Sunday, after checking out of the hotel. I wasn't very excited about it, but my mind was blown when we boarded the little trolley and rode and walked all over the park and the islands connected to it. Holy Guacamole! I love America! ;) There weren't the same shops or attractions (at least, not where we were at), but there were enormous trees, green grass, beautiful flowers, and dangerously thrilling views of the Falls that made my heart pound when I got too close.

It is pretty ridiculous how my patriotism shines forth in the most unstirring moments. Like when the customs guy said, "Welcome home" to Steven and I after our backpacking adventure through Costa Rica and I answered with a sob, "Thank you, thank you so much." Or when I tearfully hugged the French flight attendant on our way back from Ukraine when she announced that we were crossing into American territory over the Atlantic. This trip to Niagara Falls was no exception. Being welcomed back over the border gave me chills and I spent the next two days humming patriotic songs.

Thanks for a wonderful trip, Nana and G-Diddy! We loved hanging with you and experiencing the Falls!


  1. I get all choked up thinking about it :) Good to know about the American side; we've only done the Canadian (because of time). Now that we're back in the area, it's on my list of things to do again. :)
    Hooray for Patriotism! :)

    1. Are you living back east?!! We need to get together if you are!!

  2. You look really lovely in that picture!

    1. Thanks Tracy! Heading over to your blog now :)


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