14 June, 2013

(For Most Men) It's Easy To Become a Father

It takes everything to be a daddy.

Patience, buckets of energy, endless imagination, compassion, perspective, a good belly laugh and the belief that milkshakes are their own food group. At least, that's what it takes to be Gage's daddy. Steven and Gage have a relationship that I've never seen before in my whole life. They truly are best friends and father and son without there being any weird power struggles or confusion as to who obeys whom. Does that make sense? They have found the perfect balance and I know Gage is only three, but I have a feeling this relationship is only going to get stronger through the years. Last year I got all teary-eyed when I was watching them play.

"What's wrong?!" Steven asked, alarmed when he saw me in the doorway.

"Nothing," I choked out. "I just realized that you really love playing with Gage."

He raised an eyebrow and I shrugged that sorry-I'm-emotional-but-I-just-am-so-deal-with-it-shrug.

"Of course I love playing with Gage."

"Of course he loves playing with me, Mommy," Gage chimed in, matter-of-factly.

It may not sound profound, but Steven loves playing with Gage. He loves it. He would choose it over almost anything. That's a real daddy for you.

KJ loves her daddy. Most of the time she wants me, if we're being honest ;). But frequently enough, she will bypass me as she tottles over to her daddy, reminding us that there are some needs only he can fill. When she just needs to be thrown up in the air and jiggled around, daddy is there. When she feels rejected because I don't hear her calling for me, straight to Daddy she goes and stays curled in his arm until he's wiped away her big, fat tears and has distracted her with some kind of treat or game. He brought her into the world; he caught her wet body as I pushed with all my might and I think there is something special in that connection. He held her first and his spirit of fun and adventure and joy in every moment infused her old soul with a lightness that every little girl should have.

I know I always brag about Steven on here and you're probably like, "Oh Brooke, stop being so dramatic and braggy and using too many commas", but the truth is this. Steven is the perfect father. The man has some improvements to make in other areas, of course, I mean he's human, right? But in the daddy department I have never seen anyone do it as well as he does.

We love you, Steven!


  1. ahh. the words "of course he loves playing with me mommy" would just about kill me.

  2. Yes, Steven is an amazing dad! I love how involved he is! You guys are both great parents :)

    1. Thanks Catie! We think you and David are wonderful!

  3. This is so precious! I love hearing about wonderful daddys. :-)


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