03 June, 2013

In Photos, The Beach

Our weekend at the beach was just plain wonderful. Filled with delicious food, long conversations, some napping here and there, and deliriously happy children who couldn't get enough of each other or the water. I loved every moment of our little adventure, here are some photos that captured bits and pieces of it all.

Sometimes family photos have to be a little unconventional.

Duck Donuts... SO GOOD!
Birthday girl and I the morning she turned one.

Building a castle.

Destroying a castle.

Steven, Gage and a cousin or two.

A birthday cupcake and a brother who needs to get his hands on one, like now.

Sunday morning cuddles.

Mommy and Gage date to the beach.

KJ and Holli-pop.

Says Kjel, "Sand is Delicious!" 
It's hard to kiss when you can't stop smiling ;)

KJ, looking like a pro wrestler in her swim suit. Cutest pro wrestler ever :)

Daddy got buried. 
Gage being Gage.

Kjel being Kjel.

Saying hello to our shadows and goodbye to the beach.


  1. What fun pictures. It looks like your little family had a blast! :-)

    1. Thanks Susannah! We did, it was wonderful :)

  2. LOVE the family pic. I am so sad I missed the trip!

  3. I LOVE the family pic too! Super cute!!

  4. LOVE the unconventional family photo. It's nearly impossible to get everyone looking. Plus you guys look so happy. Even the kids! And KJ is super cute in that wrestler suit. ;)

    1. Hey Kati! That is so true. And the ones where everyone's "looking" someone is usually crying ;) Thank you!

  5. unconventional family photos is the name of the game with little kids. and besides, it's cute!


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