16 May, 2013

An Open Letter To The Cynic:

I think you might need a time-out. Like, literally, go sit in the corner for a while and think about how you're acting.

As an optimist and a somewhat irresponsible dreamer, I have been surrounded by you all my life. You say, "I think you should really re-think that decision", "be more realistic", "Did you really think you'd succeed at that? Please." Often sometimes you're a straight up jerk, "Well, since YOU'RE the expert...", etc. And I make excuses for you. OH! How I excuse your pathetic behavior. I say to myself, to others, "They're just trying to help me.... this is the way they communicate that they care about my success. They are just trying to warn me because they don't want me to to hurt/fail/lose". 


I am being kind of dumb by excusing you for being a jerk. And I just want to say: stop. Please.

Stop being skeptical, cynical, sarcastic. Stop putting everyone around you down because you think it's funny. News flash: it's not funny and it sure isn't classy! Okay, so let's go on a tangent. When did it become humorous to put others down? Answer: it didn't. When you say something that is even remotely negative about or to anyone, even in the name of jest, you look insensitive and mean. Probably because you are insensitive and mean. And the nurturer inside of me is saying, "They only do that because they are insecure and are trying to be funny to get approval from others.' Well, boo-hoo. Grow up. Develop a real sense of humor.

Anyway, back to my point. Those who are pursuing dreams, taking risks, ultimately really living, will continue to do so regardless of how you treat them, but wouldn't it be nice to help and not to hinder? To build up instead of tear down? Wouldn't you like to live out in the sunshine of hope rather than in the dirty rodent hole of cynical reality?

The happiest people I know are the ones who dream along with the dreamers. They don't care if others are talking realistically or taking risks. They join the party. They don't warn, they encourage. They don't make fun, they ask sincere questions. When you say, "Oh hey, I'm planning on going to the moon next week," 

They don't say, "Oh really, John Glen. Don't you need to lose 15 lbs before they let you on a rocket ship?" 

They do say, "Dude. Awesome. Bring me back a moon rock."

I don't know a lot of things, but I do know this: you will probably never be gifted a moon rock if you are a cynical jerk. And who doesn't want a moon rock? 

But really. 

There is a wonderful, exciting, mysterious party going on. It's in adventures, risks, new business opportunities, new hobbies, goals, bucket lists. It's the blood that pumps when adrenalin flows. You can't stop it. No matter how cynical you are, you just can't. Join us. I'm inviting you, right now. 

Consider this the most exciting, prestigious invitation you will ever receive. 

RSVP by taking a chance, giving a sincere compliment, and saying these words to someone in your life who is taking a huge risk, "You are awesome. I know you will succeed". You'll like it. I promise. 

by the way... this is really anticlimactic after that awesome video, but I'm on bloglovin now...


  1. This was RIGHT ON! So well put. Lately I have been thinking about a life decision I need to blog about and I keep thinking, "Ok, but how am I going to explain it so that so-and-so doesn't say something or judge the decision and ignore how much thought I put into it." When really- why? Why give someone that kind of credit? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Mary! I can't wait to read whatever it is you've been debating putting up! And you are so right - I do that too. Try to edit how much I share to avoid criticism, etc. I like what you're saying about not giving them that kind of credit in your life. Thanks!

  2. Brooke, are you kidding me? You are an amazing writer!!!!!!! So talented!! And this post is right on! And it makes me realize how I NEVER want to be the cynic. I love you and every time you post!

    1. Catie, I love you! Thank you so so much! And when I was writing this, I totally thought of times when I've been a cynic and I'm so ready to never act that way again!

  3. Loved this post. It was such an encouragement.

    My Wholesome Home

  4. exactly! And I'd like a moon rock too... :)

  5. Just clicked on this post, and it just became my favorite so far. It inspired me to re-focus on my dreams and reach for them with renewed determination. It also made me grateful I have generally been a supporter of others' dreams, especially the ones that are unique. The ones that take the most opptomism are my favorite to hear about and encourage. At least those cynics who've brought the word "reality" into a discussion of my dreams have encouraged me inadvertantly ; )


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