06 May, 2013

A Spring Day in the Life of KJ

6:00 AM: Woken up by brother; nursed back to sleep by Mommy.
7:30 AM: Woken up by brother (again); carried downstairs to share a bowl of granola and yogurt with Mommy for breakfast.
7:45 AM: Plant a wet kiss on Daddy's chin and wave goodbye until he's out of sight. Chew on books and trains of the floor while Mommy makes beds and Gage puts on a super hero costume.
8:45 AM: Yawn. Nurse a little and fall asleep in crib.
10:00 AM: Wake up and bang crib against wall until retrieved by Mommy. Squirm and scream on the floor while getting changed and dressed. Sit in high chair and throw crackers/bananas/strawberries/cheese cubes on the floor.
10:30 AM: Strapped into carseat; cry until given the right toy/snack (winner is almost always a graham cracker or a pretend set of keys). Go to the park.
10:45 AM: Tottle around the grass and try to eat dandelions. Sit in a baby swing with a dreamy expression and watch the other kids play. Eat a baby orange and make a pile of sticks in the grass.
12:00 PM: Go to the store. Sit in the cart with Gage and grab at items on shelves. Eat samples and smack lips together, say "wah-duh" and sigh happily when Mommy fishes your sippy cup out of her bag.
1:00 PM: Visit Daddy; walk in the grass and freak out when a bug lands on cheek. Yawn.
1:30 PM: Home. Red-cheeked and drowsy. Ride around on Mommy's hip while Gage's lunch is made, then sit in the big armchair upstairs with Mommy and nurse until eyes droop. Sleep.
3:30 PM: Wake up. Sneak downstairs with Mommy and try not to wake brother up. Play with puzzles and books while Mommy does chores around the house. Listen to Debussey radio on Pandora and try to sing.
4:30 PM: Go upstairs with Mommy; climb into Gage's bed with him and slobber on his head until he wakes up.
4:45 PM: Stroller. Ride around the neighborhood and suck on a graham cracker.
5:45 PM: Home. "Eat" dinner, bath, pajamas.
7:00 PM: Daddy's home! Kiss Daddy, get tossed in the air a lot, laugh drowsily, start to cry.
7:15 PM: Nurse. Laid in crib, cry a little. Sleep.


  1. I want to be KJ for a day! haha I love this. I can't believe she says "wah-duh"! That's awesome!

    1. Dude, me too. To be able to nap that much would be heaven! Haha, yeah. "wah duh" is like her favorite thing to say other than "mommy!" (usually when he's mad) "dad-duh" and "bwu-vah" (brother.. gage). Love her!

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  3. what a day :)

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  4. Super cute post...what a busy day KJ has!

    1. Thanks :) But you know exactly what I'm talking about, and are probably even more busy with two of them at this age! Can you believe how fast thing year has gone by?!


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