22 April, 2013

Flying V! (and other weekend tales)

So guys, I went to my very first hockey game on Friday night! (If you don't count the 800+ times I watched Mighty Ducks with my brother as a kid... and that time two weeks ago when Steven and I watched D2...) Anyway. We loved it! We saw Syracuse's team the Crruuuuunnnncch! (crunch... but the announcer guy said it really theatrically) versus the team from Norfolk. I felt like a traitor to Virginia because, as you may know, I love Virginia. But I got over it.

If you know me, then you know that watching sports for me is like... watching a Shakespeare play in Japanese. Interesting, exciting, kinda weird, but I have no clue what's going on. Poor Steven had to spend the whole time explaining things to me, but I told him to think of himself as an interpreter, and I think that made him realize the importance of his role and appreciate it ;)

Two things I learned from watching hockey:

1. Hockey fans are intense. And, for the most part, all part of a very specific demographic. I felt a little out of place, but once I decided that Angelides was my favorite (go number ten!), I got into it with everyone else.

2. Sportsmanship is not part of the game. Case in point - when Norfolk's goalie messed up and we scored (five times), the entire crowd in perfect unison would sing, "Anderson (his name) Anderson Anderson... YOU SUCK!" I felt so bad for him. And also, what's up with all the fighting? I saw four pretty intense fights on the ice, and I missed like three because I never knew quite where to look on the rink (it happened so fast).

It was kind of one of my life's ambitions to see a flying v formation in real life - sadly, they did not do it, even though I requested it loudly once or twice.

So yes. Super fun experience.

We were busy this weekend. Saturday I painted our kitchen table tiffany blue, planted my radishes (what what!), and got a bunch of housework done. And of course spent time with Steven because he's been insanely busy lately with work and I miss him. I also got in some good thrifting, cheered for my mom over skype while she ran the Salt Lake Marathon, and tried to keep Gage and Kjel from escaping through the back door because it is so windy here lately that I am truly afraid they'll get blown off.

How was your weekend?


  1. A hockey game, how fun! Your weekend sounds very productive and exciting. I can't wait to come up and visit you! Our weekend was great. Busy but fun. :)

  2. This made my day! You are hilarious. I loved the Japanese play analogy- seriously laughed out loud.


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