05 April, 2013


You know that quote that goes something like "be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a battle"?

Confession time. Hope you still like me after you read that I used to think that people, in general, were shallow and vapid and that there were a few that were deep and thoughtful and insightful. Thank heavens that over time, I've learned how false that belief is. No matter how superficial or cursory a person may seem, there are few hearts that haven't been broken. Most eyes have pooled with tears - both of sorrow and joy. I believe that most people are far deeper and richer in spirit than we will ever know. 

I had a conversation recently that was just so surface-level and I walked away thinking, "there is no way either of us are as superficial as that conversation made us seem". Oh, how it made me want to slow cook some corn chowder, invite everyone in the world over, and talk. Really talk, you know? I've said before about a million times on this blog, but I just know that as humans, we need real conversation. I think it's so evident in my life because, as a stay-at-home mom, sometimes days go by where I haven't actually spoken to any adults other than my husband. It's like hunger, but deeper, because it's my soul that's craving it: connection, conversation, community.

I think it's easier to find that connection with others when we remember that we are no deeper or more experienced in the throes of life than anyone else. We won't dismiss those who appear to be superficial based on their appearance or cadence of speaking or hobbies. You know? 

What do you think? Do you ever feel this way? Who do you go to when you need a good, deep conversation?


  1. I keep meaning to comment. Honestly I do not have a whole bunch of in depth conversations... If I need one, I usually turn to hubs or a select few people. Really though, when I need depth I write and read. It never fails that I will find what I'm searching for that way :)
    Not that I isolate myself; these two avenues sooth my soul though.
    And I think everyone's had those thoughts :)
    I remember once sitting in the living room with 2 older women and all they did was criticize beauty pageant people about their looks and such... It was so superficial and irritating, and I had such a hard time being on my best behavior. My dad lectured me later... hahaha if he only knew the thoughts I kept back.
    novela over

    1. Writing and reading. Definitely.

  2. I can totally relate to the craving real conversation thing. As a fellow SAHM I spend many days talking to children, and while I love my children dearly and try and treasure the moments when they say sweet things to me... it doesn't fulfill my adult conversation needs. Like a fellow woman looking at me and asking "How ARE you?" My go to is usually my mom. Though I have a few select friends that I whittle in to my conversation needs too. :)

    1. What would we do without moms?! Seriously! :)


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