19 April, 2013

A Sister

Of all the joys in my life, being a sister has been one of the greatest.

My brothers bring out the adventurous side of me, my sisters bring out the maternal. All of them bring out the silliness and all of them fill me up with love like water in a dam when I see them.

Yesterday my sister Sierra entered the Missionary Training Center in Utah to be trained for 18 months of missionary service in Norway. My little brother, Bryan, is in the Philippines (also a missionary) but the rest of us were together for the weekend at my parents' house and I loved every single second of it.

 I kept thinking, "do I have exceptional siblings or does everyone feel like this about their brothers and sisters?" I loved that my mom counted on me to help get meals made and things done around the house. I loved that my sisters asked me to hold things and find things and fix things and tell them all about what it's like to be married and have kids. I loved that my brother wanted me to drive him back to California so that we could talk the entire way. I love that he married someone I love. I love that he sent me hilarious memes all day yesterday to cheer me up because I was feeling down.

And I love that the whole weekend, we all missed the heck out of Bry.

It was harder than I thought it would be to let my little sister leave, but after our last hug at the airport when KJ and I went through security, I felt a peaceful assurance in my heart that she is where she needs to be and I am where I need to be. When you know that, you can't be too sad for too long.

So now it's just Trevor, Azure and I left in the US. Mom, ya still got us ;)

I am so blessed to be a sister.


  1. SO true. Having sibling in general is just the greatest. They make life much better. :) Love ya!

  2. I love my siblings so much so I never wondered if other people thought they were as cool as I did =) Maybe I should!! So glad you had such a good time. There is nothing better than getting to spend some good quality time with family. Now that me and most of my siblings have children now it has gotten kind of hectic when we are all together but it is so much fun!


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