18 March, 2013


Things are finally starting to warm up around here. I am so ready. When these photos were taken on our short visit to Palmyra this past fall, I couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful the Sacred Grove must in the spring. I'm excited to go back and hear the birds chirping and see the little green buds on the trees.

I like to think that our internal seasonal clocks connect us to our ancestors in a really magical way. Even though we aren't hunters/gatherers or farmers and don't depend on the seasons for food or work or travel, there is a deep yearning in me for the light to stay longer. I miss the smell of dirt and the feeling of grass under my feet. I want to take deep, cleansing breaths of ocean air and feel sticky from salt water. I love winter for all its white, glistening beauty and the holidays and of course the silence of snowfall, but my soul aches for spring.


  1. I love the cute winter suit and hat the kiddos are wearing! Your walk looks like it was wonderful! :-)

  2. palmyra is beautiful in the early summer too. :)
    Cute pictures of your little family :)

  3. What great pictures! I am ready for some different weather too! More light, warmer weather, fresh air! Can't come soon enough! :)


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