02 March, 2013

On The Day That Malcolm Gladwell Wrote Me Back

The kiddles and I entering the library on that blessed day. 

It was two Thursdays ago, evening. Steven was staying late at work, the chilluns were both in need of a  waaaambulence, if you catch my drift. I was getting increasingly itchy for an adventure as it was what they call Winter Break here in Central NY and all the kids were out of school. Which meant that play groups and joy school were canceled which meant that I had two kids desperately in need of, what the Grinch would call, social interaction.

So, Thursday. The morning was spent at the library, the afternoon getting groceries, the evening hurriedly preparing the two minors for bed. We'd done stuff, we'd been busy, but it wasn't fulfilling. Do you know what I mean? Okay. Now that we're on the same page, this is what happened:

Brooke: with one hand helps Gage brush his teeth, with the other attempts to hold a diaper on KJ's bare bum that is two sizes two big (how did that get in the diaper basket?!). Sings "Edelweiss" in a sad falsetto attempting to multi-task and cut down on the night-night ritual by lullabying now. Doesn't make sense, but that's just what I did, okay?

Secures diaper. Helps Gage into PJs. Checks cell phone. Oh, what's this? A little envelope in the left corner? I will click on it.


Hi Brooke,
Thanks for the kind note! I'm so glad you've enjoyed my work, and I appreciate you taking the time to write. 

And guys, just like that I went from a frazzled zombie Mom, to a glowing philosopher doing plies in the hallway and singing something that went like this:

If Malcolm Gladwell wrote you an email, you are awesome! (clap clap)
If you got an awesome email, you are awesome! (clap clap)
Gage, your mommy is awesome!
Kjel, your mommy is awesome!

And then I marched around the living room John Philip Sousa-style to the Hercules soundtrack.

Overreaction? Maybe. But in all fairness, Malcolm Gladwell (or MG now that we're on friendly terms ;) is one of my very favorite authors. Like, ever.

So then I took the kids upstairs and started putting them to bed when I was like, Brooke, tell somebody about this! Oooh! Yes!

Called Steven.

Received text: Leaving soon. Love you

Called Mom.

Received text: At work. Sorry. Call you back soon.


Sent Trevor (big brother) this:

Malcolm Gladwell just emailed me!

Received this:


And then I told him all about it.

And that, my friends, is what brothers are for. 

And then Steven came rolling in and once he had stomped the snow off of his shoes, I sang that catchy little tune again and he agreed. So awesome.


  1. hhahahaha so funny. you're a crack up, singing to your kids how awesome you are

  2. I got excited just hearing that he e-mailed you. It DOES make you awesome! It also makes me think sometimes it's worth that extra effort, you never know whether a kind response will be returned.

  3. I would be singing that song too if I were you! Way to go girl!!


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