08 March, 2013

Did My Heart Love Til Now?

So just hold on a second and indulge me.

When Steven and I were dating, he broke up with me. For exactly one week. During that week, he came by my apartment every single day (except that Thursday) and on a Sunday, he told me he was so sorry for his weird commitment problems and he would be honored if I would give "us" another chance. 

Obviously I agreed.

A few days later, I was puzzled by it all and asked him, "Why did we decide to get back together? We already broke up once. Doesn't that kind of doom us to failure?"

He said, "It's really simple. As long as we like each other more every day than the day before, we stay together. But if our "like" level goes down or stays the same, we break up."

Boom. I like quantifiability and this spoke to me. 

Anyway, point is that this little formula Steve developed so long ago still holds true. I can honestly say that, with a couple of exceptionally bad days, I have loved Steven even more the next day than the day before for the past five years. 

Especially when I came across these photos from a memory card I thought I'd lost a few months ago. 


  1. These pictures are adorable! I'm glad you like and love your hubby more and more! That's always a wonderful thing. :-)

  2. I laughed outloud on a couple of those. So funny!

  3. Awwwh! That's so so so true! Matthew and I sometimes say "I love you" and other times we say "I like you" and BOTH of those are equally important!


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