14 March, 2013

Book 10/100| Holes

I made a goal to read 100 books in 2013 and I'm reviewing each one I read on the blog. A hundred is a lot so I am always looking for book suggestions. Feel free to comment with your very favorite books and I'll be sure to add them to my list.

I was in first-grade when I started reading my very first chapter book. It was Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar. My mom and older brother praised me so much when they saw me sounding out the first chapter, that I read the same chapter, over and over again for weeks. At some point I realized that I could keep going and eventually finished it. I would love to pick it up and read it again because at that age I thought it was a pretty weird book.

Anyway, when I saw Holes  (also by Louis Sachar) at the Salvation Army thrift store a few weeks ago I thought, oh how fun, and picked it up.

It's a good little story. I liked it. I could see Gage really loving it around fifth or sixth grade. I'm excited to read it to him when he's in the mood for a modern adventure. It has kind of a depressing undertone in the beginning, but I suppose that's all part of the story. It's the typical (but always compelling) coming of age adventure of a boy who has a family history of terribly bad luck. Of course, he triumphs in the end but only after a series of experiences and choices that help him grow and humble him, too.

So, yep. This one will stay on the shelf for Gage and his siblings to enjoy.

I had the advantage of having an older brother who loved to read, so when I caught the reading bug we already had stacks of good books. Redwall, The Boxcar Children, and the Hardy Boys were among some of the series that my mom had collected for him and then passed down to me. I was also obsessed with Nancy Drew for a couple of years and read every single book in the series. I think I was nine. I couldn't stand Bess but I had a huge crush on Ned. Oh, Ned. Why do you love the Titian-haired Nancy and not the chipmunk-cheeked Brookie? I pined over that dude

Anyway, I'm always on the lookout for good children's books. A friend recently recommended that I buy the Rohld Dahl collection. Any other good suggestions? What were your favorite books and series as a kid? Do you still enjoy picking them up every now and again?


  1. I read this book last year. Super cute!

  2. Love the reading goal! Having a baby definitely cuts into my reading time, but well worth it. ;) I just finished The Rules of Civility which I really enjoyed, but I always love period pieces.

    My girl is still too young to really get into story time, she mostly just flips through the pages as fast as possible looking for puppies or elephants. haha BUT, I can't wait to start reading her some of my old faves like Mrs. Piggly Wiggly and the Betsy - Tacy collection. Amelia Badelia was always so good too!


  3. The Junie B. Jones books were my favorite when I was younger around 1st-3rd grade! Easy chapter books for children!

  4. Holes was such a great book! I remember loving that in late elementary school! Some of my other favorite older kid books were the Dear America books.

  5. This is a great one! I liked the movie too :)

  6. Whitney - have you seen the movie? It's really cute, too.

    Kassi, thanks! I totally get it - we have a ten-month-old so it makes it tough to even open a book. We'll see if I can even get close to this goal ;) Thanks for the recommendation! And Mrs. Piggly Wiggly was one of my very favorite series!

    Brett - Junie B. Jones is HILARIOUS! I laugh out loud when I read them.

    Susannah - I loved the 'Titanic' Dear America book. I read it over and over again. Such good books!

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  8. I bet Gage would love the ABC Mysterires - is that what they're called? Short novels that Bryan loved when he was little. Also, oldies-but-goodies are the Encyclopedia Brown series of books. xoxoxox

  9. Encyclopedia Brown! Yes!! Forgot all about those. I don't think I've ever read ABC mysteries, though.

  10. Have you ever read "The Monster at the End of this Book"? That was always my favorite growing up. Holes is a great book, and I was actually really surprised when I liked the second book to the series as well. (I'm pretty sure it's called Small Steps?)

    Man this post brought me back to my grade school years. Box Car Children, Junie B. Jones, those days were the best!


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