01 March, 2013

At Age Three, This is What it Entails:

To let you finish a sentence, no matter how long it takes, before responding.

To hold you when you lift your arms to the sky and sob, "hold-uh meee"! (no matter how naughty you have been just seconds before)

To give you more chocolate than any child or adult of the homosapien (or any other species) should consume just because you love it

To let you open the refrigerator and look for a snack even though I have anxiety about 'letting all the cold out'

To present you with your size 24mos Batman pa-jim-jams every. single. day because they are your very favorite even though the pants end at your knees and the shirt exposes your belly button

To sing the same three songs, the exact same way every naptime and night-night because you need that kind of consistency

To give you the time you need to complete your current project before asking you to do something else, which very few other adults understand, but I understand. You need that. I get it.

To love you, little buddy. To nurture you and your little mind, full of idiosyncrasies and quirks. Your world is more amazing now, than ever. Your imagination is reality and there is nothing I can or should to do quell that. I will keep it alive as long as I can, because I am learning that time goes by far too quickly. One day old becomes three years old in seconds, it seems.

It's an honor to be mother to you, my Gagester the Danger Ranger and I love you. Oh, I love you.


  1. I so needed to read this and be reminded of this, Thank you! I dont know if its the responsibility of having two now or a little bit of post partum but everything my three year old does lately drives me crazy! Thanks for the reminder that I need to be patient!

  2. Very lovely post....really, really enjoyed it!

  3. Sorry for giving you anxiety about the fridge door, I've come a long way. I remember coming home from work one day and Denalee was letting Trevor crush crackers on the floor with his toes. You remind me of your Mom! Loved the post. Miss you guys.

  4. I found your blog through your sister-in-law at the R house, and I have become a new fan :) With a 3-year-old boy myself, I can greatly relate! This is such a magic age!


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