27 March, 2013

A Little Family Date

Well, we caught the stomach flu of death last week and I mean caught it. I hit my weight goal (wahoo) and then gained some of it back (it was bound to happen when my body stopped rejecting every single thing I was putting in it). Gage went through ALL of his underwear (poor guy, TMI?) and I have never done so many loads of laundry in my life. I haven't wanted to post about this because I'm kind of embarrassed that we, as a family, are sick so often! It's like... we aren't sickly, but we sure present that way over the internet.

Anyway, my point is that going out on a little family outing was a big deal for us this week. From last Thursday to Monday, we were dying. So when Steven happened to come home for his lunch break, and I happened to be dressed and showered, and the kids were relatively amicable and presentable and the sun was shining, &etc, we decided to just go for it. 

We went to BJ's (which is like Costco). In my opinion, during the cold months, there are few places better suited to a young family looking for an adventure than BJ's.

Guys, this is ONE slice of pizza. It feeds our whole family. Granted, KJ doesn't eat much, but STILL! A meal for 3.5 for $2.00? SUCH. A. DEAL!
KJ dabbled with the crusts and then backwashed into the water cup so badly that none of us could even look at the cup. Gage almost had a heart attack.  Thanks a lot, sis. 
And then we grabbed one of the kiddie carts (with the car on the front of it) and bought a head of cauliflower, cocoa powder, and a few other things. No samples, sadly, we didn't come at the right time. That's always kind of a downer. 

Steven helped me unload the groceries and the kids and then sped off back to work.

And then, once they were both passed out in their beds, exhausted from their first time out of the house in four days, I climbed into this:

Where are the pillows, you ask? They are on the landing of the stairs being used for a comfortable landing after a ride down the mattress (or mastchuss, if you speak Gage) slide. We are so tired of that stupid mattress! It's the one that Gage slept on/puked on/won't gross you out too much with details on, while he was such a sick little dude. We disinfected it with everything we had in the house and I was about to put it back in its basement home when Gage asked me if it could be turned into a slide. I said, "wait till daddy gets home".

Well, Daddy came home and this is what happened:


  1. Loved every of bit of this. Well, except the sick parts. I am SO sorry...we were sick over the holidays and finally caught a break, then Ava caught something right before her birthday! Trust me, I don't think anyone things you guys are sickly or unhealthy, it seems like so many people have been getting sick this past winter and spring! ugh Hopefully summer will be nice to us all.

    And cheers to BJs/Costco outings! Oh the pizza and frozen yogurt tempts me every time (which is why i don't take cash in there;). And the mattress slide!! haha! AWESOME. :)

    1. Thanks Haley :) It does seem like EVERYONE has been sick an awful lot this past winter.

      BJ's doesn't have any desserts! It's terrible! I LOVE the chocolate and almond covered ice cream bars at costco and I feel so jipped that I can't get them here! :)

  2. Yah we had the flu up in here a few weeks ago. I forgot how much I hate throwing up. Glad yall are better and getting to go out again! That pizza looks amazing!

    1. Throwing up is THE WORST! And yes, that pizza is sooooo good.

  3. That is one thing I am dying to do! Slide a mattress down a flight of stairs!!! :) You are a rockstar mom :)

    1. Haha! Thanks. It was all Steven, though. I only slid down once or twice ;)


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