02 February, 2013

This Saturday

This Saturday of ours was spent inside our cozy little home. I finally went to the doctor a couple of days ago and was tested for strep throat (again) aaaand it was positive (again). I feel a lot better after a couple days of rest and antibiotics, but I wasn't feeling adventurous at all this morning when Kjel and I woke up and saw the mountains of snow outside (Saturdays are reserved for adventures in this family). When the boys emerged from their beds with tousled hair and blankets around their shoulders, we decided to spend the day on projects around the house instead of romping around the wilderness in our boots and coats and gloves. 
I'm glad we did. 

Both Gage and I finished our masterpieces on our respective easels. This is Gage's.
The kids dumped boxes of toys out on the floor after the rugs had been vacuumed and the floors had been mopped; nothing like playing on a clean floor. No, nothing at all.

Steven finished up some work projects and also shoveled out our driveway which was an olympic feat, in my opinion. Gage bundled up like Randy from A Christmas Story and helped by eating glove-fuls of snow and commenting on the various dogs in the neighborhood. When they came inside we had tomato soup and chatted at the table until KJ woke up.

I successfully turned almost all of our white clothes a sad shade of pink. I finished a painting of a birch tree. I found the source of the weird smell in the bathroom when I gave it a scrub-down. I played with my kids. I caught Kjel eating a week-old triscuit from the trash in my closet red-handed. I cleaned the windows in the living room and play room and smiled when I saw the little handprints of my two sweethearts. I rested while Steven played "monsters" with Gage and tried to coach KJ into walking.

And now I'm going to make some decorations for Valentine's Day.

This Saturday has been a good one. How was yours?


  1. I keep saying we should come visit when the weather gets better. Forget that! I want to come now. Your days all cozy inside sound wonderful.

    Saturday we hung around for most of the day. When evening rolled around I watched the boys so Brandon could go to our Priesthood Stake Conference and then he watched them so I could attend the Adult session of Stake Conference. Love to be spiritually enlightened. :)


  2. Sounds like the perfect Saturday. :)
    Pictures of your painting?


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