25 February, 2013

Stop it.

Both a curse and a blessing: one of my talents is self-evaluation.

I think I've always had this 'skill', I can remember sitting down and making a list of things I wanted to improve about myself when I could barely write and I've continued through the years. I recently had one of those moments and after a little prayer and some pondering, I came up with a lengthy, lengthy list of weaknesses that I desperately want to become strengths.

Do you ever do this? Most gut-wrenching activity ever. But there is also something, I don't know, something that makes me feel the same way I feel after a good work out or an ugly cry. Emptied of negative, full of a desire to seek for better. I know it's a good thing or I'd expel this whole practice from my life, but it is humbling. That's the word.

Sparing you of the gruesome details, this sums up my self-eval results:


Oh, Brooke. Will you ever overcome the things you keep tripping up on?

Big sigh.

Yes, I will.


  1. That was the best talk by Uchtdorf. I was recently challenged to write ten things I like and don't like about me, and ten things I like and don't like about my HUSBAND! That was gut wrenching...

  2. I do so much of those things as well. Thanks for the reminder that we need to attempt to get those out of our system!

  3. "You are better than you think you are" (Ardeth Kapp) definitely applies to you Brookie!

  4. Good for you. Evaluating yourself is very hard to do. The other night Brandon said to me, "Lately you seem to find the negative in everything." Ouch. But if that's the way I've been acting, then I guess I'm grateful he said that. Very humbling.

    I know you can make all your weaknesses strengths! Chin up butter cup. :)

  5. Brooke, I LOVE this!!!! I can relate to EVERYTHING you wrote in this post! Love you!

  6. that is impressive that you can evaluate your self so well, i always end up spiraling into negativity, which is maybe something i should work on!


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