13 February, 2013


Do yourself a favor and watch this video for the next six minutes. If you are a not a robot, you will definitely smile... maybe even sniffle a little. I am having an insanely emotional day and totally cried at the end. Yep.

I like to think that true love is more than just chemicals and coincidences and convenience.

I believe in soul mates.

Do you?

Are you ready for Valentine's Day? I so am. Gage requested some "goooood chocolate" (currently hidden really well in a high cupboard that he isn't tall enough to peek in), KJ is getting lots of affection (it's not like she knows it's a holiday). And best of all, it's my turn this year to plan how Steven and I will celebrate. For starters I'm making our traditional Valentine's Day dinner (the very same dinner we had when we started dating six years ago... thanks again Lindsey!). Plus a little surprise for Steven that I am positive he is going to absolutely go bonkers over, but it's a surprise so no, I will not tell you! I'm thinking we'll end the night with our new favorite dessert, Swedish chocolate cake, and maybe an episode or two of Modern Family or The Mentalist. Wild ones, we are.

Oh, friends, happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all have something wonderful in store for tomorrow. I know it's just a big conspiracy for corporations to make bank on our consumerist society, but I do so love a reason to get all corny on my fam-bam and remind them how much I mushy-gushy love 'em.


  1. about to watch this as soon as i get finish watching a film i have to watch for my masters... love short films

  2. I love this short film. It is so cute and left me with a smile at the end. :) Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  3. I loved the video!! I agree in soul mates too :)

  4. Nope, *sniff*. I couldn't *sniff* see crying at the end of this at all *sniff*! Love it!


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