18 February, 2013

Book 7/100 | The Hobbit

Believe it or not, this was my very first time reading The Hobbit. Now before you die-hard Tolkien fans try to sentence me to death by orc, hear me out. I do, sort of enjoy the fantasy genre, but I've never really read much of it. This might be the very first straight up fantasy book I've ever read (other than Redwall and Xanth because I did go through a stage with both series' in middle school), and I think you'd be proud that I chose such a defining book as my introduction into this literary world rather than something more current. Right? Or should I say delirrrtek? Which is "right" in Goblin. Just kidding, it's not. I mean, it might be, but I doubt it because I just made that up.

A-ny-ways, I did enjoy it. I like Bilbo, he's a solid little hobbit. And while I'm sure I'll read this to Gage someday because it's totally his cup of tea (I read a little bit out loud to him and for days he was talking about fighting Smaug), I don't think I'll read it again just by myself.

I don't know, guys, fantasy might not be my thing. Wait, though. I do love the Harry Potter series. Maybe I'm just genre-confused.

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  1. Harry Potter takes the cake for best books ever written, hands down. My goal after we move is to write a paper on the books, but it will have to wait until after we move.
    I felt the same way about The Hobbit, but am really glad I read it before embarking on the Lord of the Rings. It really does set the pace for the Fellowship of the Rings, which is much better, one which I think I will read again in the future.
    Now I'm off to Much Ado About Nothing then Julius Caesar. "et tu Brute?" must be completed by the Ides of March. :)


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