12 February, 2013

An Hour in Photos

Well, hi. This is 10:30-11:30 in the morning.

Post-nap yawn

Still in my bathrobe. Oh yeah.

The snow was like fondant.

Snot flowed like Niagra Falls

And some tears did, too.

A quick 'good morning' chat with my mom.

Some scrambled eggs and a discussion about pineapples with lots of "why?"s involved.
And that's that.


  1. Love this post! Lots of wonderful pictures of your busy life! Your kids are very busy and very adorable!

  2. :) sounds like the perfect morning. And I will be trying your dip next grocery run. I mean if nutella is involved it must be straight from the gods ;)

  3. I'm in my jams till 3p sometimes ha. Looks like a relaxing kinda day. :)

  4. Those burlap hearts!!! oh my darling! so cute. love your blog.


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