27 February, 2013

A Wintry Day in the Life of {KJ}

7:00 AM: Wake up, whimper. Retrieved by Mommy. Breakfast in {mom and dad's} bed while Mom tries to wake up. Thank heavens she can nurse laying down. Romp around bed when belly is full and pull on eyelids/nostrils/lips of parents.

7:15 AM: Crawl around kitchen floor while Mom makes oatmeal for Gage. Place small objects in mouth. Dad fishes out said questionable objects; leaves the cheerios, confiscates the pennies, tiny pebbles, etc.

8:30 AM: Parting slobber on Daddy's face. Follow Mommy to living room. Watch the snow from the window.

9:30 AM: Nap. Nurse until eyes droop and then whimper until White Noise - Oscillating Fan is on highest volume and door is closed. Curl up in blankets and flop onto belly. Sleep.

11:00 AM: Wake up, whimper. Retrieved by Mommy and Gage. Cling to Mommy and whine until nursing commences. Eat, bite, eat. Placed on floor. Diaper change. Kick. Cry. Play.

11:30 AM: Prod, poke and pull into snowsuit. Strap into cold carseat. Library. Play with train set and puzzles. Climb into Mommy's warm lap and lean head against her chest while Gage plays with the big kids.

12:30 PM: "LUUUUNCH TIIIIME". Bum on Mommy's hip. Limbs flail, slobber glides freely from lips to Mommy's arm to floor. Trot around kitchen, trot into dining room. Slump onto Mommy's lap, steal crumbs. Resist baby food. Lick Gage's hair.

1:00 PM: Explore dresser while Mommy sings a lullaby to sleepy Gage. Make pile of onesies on floor. Bang head on Gage's bed. Cry until pacifier is lodged in mouth. Eyes droop. Flop in pack'n'play in Mom and Dad's room.  White noise, turned up. Eyes close.

3:30 PM: Sit up. Look around. Whimper. Nurse. Diaper change.

4:00 PM: Play.

5:00 PM: Ride along on Mommy's left hip while dinner is prepared.

6:00 PM: Sit on Daddy's lap and steal peas/rice/napkin from his place at table. Suck on pilfered item(s).

6:30 PM: Play.

7:00 PM: Strip naked, toted upstairs. Bathe. Fingers and toes turn to prunes.

7:15 PM: Dried off, coated in eczema cream. Pajamas. Nurse. Prayers. Slobbery kisses.

7:30 PM: Nurse in Mommy and Daddy's bed while Mommy reads. Take pacifier. Eyes close. Pack'n'play.

10:00 PM: Retrieved from Pack'n'Play, placed in crib in Gage's room. Patted on back. Nurse, maybe. Eyes close.

4:00 AM: Whimper. Patted on back, rocked.

4:15 AM: Placed in crib. Dream.


  1. Love this post! KJ is a very busy young lady!

  2. I love this so much. All I kept thinking was how great of a family that little girl belongs to.

  3. :)
    What a wonderfully happy day. Wish I could eat and sleep and drool on my brother's hair... :)
    Good job mama!

  4. The life of a baby is so easy. Not so much for mama. ;-)

  5. What a fun post! I forget how time consuming babies are!


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