10 January, 2013

Twenty-Thirteen Resolutions

This is the year that my debit card expires! It always seemed like the distant future and now... well, hello 2013!

We had a WONDERFUL holiday season. Christmas was magical with just the four of us, then my mom and sisters arrived on the 26th and we played and played. My dad came a week or so later and we enjoyed time with all four of them. 

One of the highlights was definitely going to New York City for a few days over New Year's. That deserves a post all for itself. 

Anyway, it's 2013 and I have made some resolutions. Here are a few:

  • Exercise every week day
  • Floss every day (anyone else struggle with this??)
  • Start having breakfast as a family at the dining table each morning

I'd love to hear some of yours!


  1. Flossing everyday is my January resolution!

  2. Yah I hate flossing but since my brother came to visit awhile ago I've been trying to be better. I probably get it done around 3 times aweek and that's great for me. It does make a difference! Sure love ya girl!

  3. Have you tried oil-pulling? I did it this morning ... and one of my resolutions is to do it weekly (though it should be daily). It's gross, so cross your fingers for me.


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