22 January, 2013

Swedish Chocolate Cake

I used to think that Steven had some kind of chemical imbalance in his brain because he never felt stress. Two years ago was the first time I think he may ever felt it in his whole life, sparing you the details, he was extremely confused as to why he couldn't relax and why his shoulders and head were hurting. "It's stress, Steven."

"So this is what people feel like all the time?"

He still only feels it very rarely and last night, it struck. He came home from work with some stresses on his mind and couldn't shake them off (don't worry - nothing medical, family-related or serious... just boring old work stuff). We talked it out, made lists, searched the basement for some missing papers, said a quick prayer and the stress persisted. Finally after Gage had gone to bed and KJ was starting to drift, Steven sheepishly said, "You know what might make me feel better? I mean... we've done everything we can do tonight and there's really nothing else I can do till tomorrow to fix the things that need to be fixed, and I know we've both been trying so hard to stay like...healthy and everything..."

"Steven. Say it."

"Chocolate cake."

So without further preamble, I give you our version of Swedish Chocolate Cake (original recipe here).

10 oz margarine
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1 2/3 cups of sugar
1 cup of flour
3 eggs
1/2 cup cocoa powder

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Melt the margarine (or salted butter) in a saucepan over medium heat. Once it is melted, add ingredients to saucepan and stir to smoothness. Pour into a greased 8x8 square pan. Bake for about twenty-five minutes - the middle should be gooey, so don't check it with a toothpick. Just make sure the outside edges are firm.

Serve warm with a huge glass of milk.

It worked, guys. One melty, warm, chocolatey slice of this and suddenly everything was put into proper perspective. This cake is insanely easy to make and clean up. It's definitely something I'd make for company. It looks beautiful without any toppings, though the original recipe calls for some powdered sugar on top. In the summer I'll make it with a tart raspberry sauce.

So maybe this isn't the healthiest way to deal with stress and I'm not suggesting that every time anyone feels stressed out they bake a cake (though that's not actually a bad idea). But I did love snuggling up to Steven in the dim glow of a snowstorm outside. I love nights like that. The house was quiet except for the occasional sniffle or sigh from the sleeping kiddos upstairs. Life is good.


  1. Looks delightful. I can just imagine yall having that conversation and you saying, "Steven, say it." Lol we sure love and miss you! Kiss those little ones for me.

  2. yum! must try! The first part made me laugh. That is totally how Chris is, too.

  3. I pinned this! Definitely gonna try it sometime, Brian LOVES chocolate (compared to me who is super weird and prefer fruity over chocolaty)!

  4. thank you. I"m making this for company tonight.

  5. Aw, poor guy! So lucky that he rarely feels stressed though :) this looks delicious.

  6. Isa, if he loves chocolate, this is definitely for him!

    Katherine, let me know how it turns out :)

  7. To die for... Everyone loved it... as did my thighs :) Thanks. It was perfect and hit the spot. I used half special dark cocoa and half regular baking cocoa.

  8. I'm so glad! I'm going to try dark cocoa. That sounds amazing.

  9. Love that he wanted chocolate cake. :) When Adam is in the mood for desserts (it's a rare occasion) I'm all aboard!! That chocolate cake sounds incredible! Bummed I only have 1 egg in the fridge otherwise I'd be making it right.this.minute. This weekend, it's happening. :)


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