17 January, 2013

Book 1/100 | The Zookeeper's Wife

I made a goal to read one hundred books this year. Lofty, I know. And who the heck has time to read that much? Probably not me, but this goal is totally making me a better person. Instead of looking at magazines while waiting for the doctor or dentist, I'm reading. Instead of watching movies, I'm reading. Instead of browsing social media sites, I'm reading. And it's totally making me smarter, more relaxed, more thoughtful and more grateful for the things that I have. With two little kiddos, I've never had less time to read, but that's what makes this goal so awesome.

So, as you probably deduced from the title of this post, I just finished book numero uno, The Zookeeper's Wife. It was wonderful and beautiful.

It is my favorite kind of book: historical non-fiction with lots of adjectives. I have a new love of the Polish and a more well-rounded understanding of resistance during WWII. I would recommend this book to everyone, but especially those who want to learn more about history without lots of macabre details.

Ninety-nine to go.


  1. Good for you! Heading to the library today to pick it up :)

  2. That's awesome! If you haven't read "The Homelanders" series by Andrew Klavan, I would highly recommend it. It has 4 books in the series, the books are a fairly quick read and action packed. Those are my new favorites!

    1. Thanks Tanya! I'll add them to the list.

  3. Good for you! My goal this year is 25 books. Three down so far. I love reading! I read an article recently on how reading makes you happier. I agree. I want to hear about every book you read. I started reading that book awhile ago but it started out a little slow in my opinion, so I put it down. I do want to pick it up again though and I'm glad you think it's worth the time. Love ya!

  4. You are a mad woman. I don't think I've read 100 books in the past 5 years put together! Reading really does make you feel good though, the only downside is when all of your friends haven't read it and you just want to have all these discussions about the characters, plot, etc. haha :)

  5. that sounds good, its not too late to make a new years resolution right? because i like yours.

  6. You know... if you counted kids' books you're reading to your little ones you could probably EASILY reach that goal in no time. Just sayin'. :) I love to read, though I'm more of a mystery fiction kind of reader....


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