12 November, 2012

Three Words

My mom sent me an 8.5x11 copy of this photograph in the mail a couple of weeks ago. This is she and I in the '80's when we were living on Guam. I love this photo.

The other day I asked Steven to shoot out the first three words he could think of to describe Kjel (sweet, needy (in a good way), resilient). Then I described Gage (determined, communicative, aware). That conversation has been on my mind and my brain has been randomly choosing people I know and firing out adjectives. It's kind of fun!

When I thought of my mom, this picture immediately came to mind. I feel like it really embodies the first three words (of many) that I would use to describe her: searching, supportive, youthful.


  1. Your mom looks goregous in that photo and you of course are adorable!

  2. What a beautiful photo! And those descriptions of your littles and your mom are so sweet.

  3. Cute post! Love, love, love the picture of you and your mom! You both are gorgeous!


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