14 November, 2012

Oh my heck, it's NOVEMBER!

Life since July has been a total blur. October is my favorite month, November is my third and December is my second. So even though I barely acknowledged October and I've been treating November like a toddler telling me a story while I'm on the phone with someone else.... I'm hoping that within a week or so, life will finally slow down and we'll be settled in enough to really live November and then go Christmas CRAY-CRAY the day after Thanksgiving.

Last year I was disgusted with myself for not making the holidays more magical for Gage. So a few days after Christmas I attacked every store within an hour of our apartment and bought tons of Christmas decorations for this year.

So. Our house is going to be Christmas Central. I don't care what the neighbors think of us. I don't care how tacky we appear, I will do whatever it takes to make it really feel like Christmas. Even if it means I have to wear reindeer antlers and embroidered Christmas vests until January.

Give me some ideas - what do you do to make the holidays magical for your kids? Or just for yourself?


  1. Last year Russell and I bought some clay and started sculpting our own Nativity set (tell me, how could I be building a Nativity with a boy and not know if I wanted to marry him?) And Christmas lights are always the answer.

  2. October, November, December...totally the best months of the year. :) And with kids they're even better! You're such an awesome mom to jump on the after-Christmas sales last year and be ready to turn your place into a little North Pole for Gage! Paper snowflakes are fun to make, and fun to decorate with. :) Making festive treats and delivering them to friends (preferably ding-dong-ditch style) is always a winner. And I'm working on an advent calendar, such sweet memories with them as a kid myself, and I think Brooks will love it. :)

    Excited to see what you do to bring Christmas magic into your house. :) Reindeer antlers and all!

    And we have that cute hat Gage is wearing! It used to be Brooks', but both of my kids have giant noggins so it's too small for him and now fits Ava. :)

  3. For me, part of Thanksgiving IS Christmas. You could start reading "Christmas Jars" and "The Best Christmas Pagent Ever" to Gage & Kjel. And how about creating the 12-days gifts (maybe several sets) and set them up on shelves for Gage to get excited about ding-dong-ditching with them ...
    You're going to have the coolest kid-friendly-decorated house ever!

  4. I have a list of Christmas fun that I'll have to share next time we see you (thanksgiving I hope!). And yes, those are by far the best months.

  5. Thank goodness for after holiday sales! Since this is my first married Christmas we're poor and it will be a humble affair. But next year will be christmased out!


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