30 November, 2012

20% Moved In, 100% Content

Well guys, we are finally 20% moved in. The other 80% is coming in a week or so. The 80% that contains all of my boots, our coats, bedding, bedroom furniture, and oh yeah, my kitchen stuff. Maybe that is why I haven't gained any holiday weight yet (oh, it's not December yet? In the words of Willy Wonka, "I'm a trifle deaf in this ear.")

Anyway, life is grand though. Don't misunderstand me. We found an adorable, comfortable townhouse just north...east? of Syracuse that is in the most perfect area ever and have busily filled our house with all of the furniture that we sold before our big move from the west. Including the couch that I have dreamt of for years (thanks, Steven!)

And don't worry about the blanket situation - I've bought enough fleece throws to cover New Zealand. We are plenty warm.

I will decline to post photos at this time of the house - I want to wait until the 80% arrives. You understand, right?

But I will post this picture of me and my sweet Steven. Steven's birthday was earlier this month and we had a lovely day. We went to Palmyra, New York and had his requested picnic lunch of pb&j sandwiches, chips, and oreos. Cute. Love him. For dinner we hit up this restaurant a few miles from the house and had some decent pizza. I love Steven.

Since then he's been gone for work quite a bit and the kiddos and I have been unpacking and decorating the house bit by bit (did I mention that our Christmas decorations are also in the 80%? We have made more than one trip to Hobby Lobby in the past couple of weeks to fill the void until the rest comes).

We broke down and bought a REAL tree this year! OUR HOUSE SMELLS AMAZING!!! It's a big, fluffy, something-something fir tree and I love it. Here are some photos:

Kjel's saliva left a glowy sheen on the beads. Thanks for the contribution, KJ!

Gage hung the majority of the ornaments on one branch. He's a minimalist.
The Tree

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