18 October, 2012

Thrifty | Find of the Week & Goodwill

I love thrifting. I love it. It is definitely one of my hobbies and talents. Give me enough time and a miniscule budget, and I can find you a wardrobe of nearly new and super cute clothes that will last you forever.

Last week I only had a few minutes in Goodwill, but while perusing, I found:

J. Crew top

  • Two shirts from the Gap, they retail at 24.95/each. They would normally be 4.50, but they were both yellow tag items (I'll explain in a second), so they were 2.25 a piece.
  • A zebra print top from J. Crew, 2.25.
  • A Merona (Target) maxi dress, couldn't find the retail, but I'd guess around 25.00. Also yellow tag. 3.00
  • A Banana Republic dress shirt for Steven in almost perfect condition except for a teensy little rip in the sleeve that is barely perceptible to the human eye. Fits him like a glove. 2.25.
  • A cute sweater from Janie and Jack for KJ. .99
  • A bag of toys for Gage, 2.99.

The most expensive purchase of the day was Gage's bag of little McDonald's toys. Have I mentioned that I love thrifting?

Some things to know about Goodwill:

The little plastic thingies that connect the tags to the clothing are different colors and each week they choose a color to be the "color of the week". Anything with that colored plastic thingy is half off. I ONLY buy color of the week items UNLESS it's something absolutely amazing or for my kids. Their baby/toddler clothes are insanely cheap. 

Also, I've come to realize that no two Goodwills are alike in the discounts they offer. Many offer discounts to military families, seniors, and students. Sometimes I'll find one with an absolutely random discount offer - I can't think of any examples right now, but it's always worth asking if you qualify for any of their discounts.

Lastly, some Goodwills (and other thrift stores) will give you a discount if you donate some items before you shop. We had just brought in a bag of too-small baby clothes and received a 20% off voucher. 

Do you thrift?


  1. YES. A fellow thrifter! :) Sounds like you had some fabulous finds Brooke! I need to be better at sticking with the half-off color at our Savers when I go. And I wish DI did that! Whenever I visit home in Vancouver I make a trip to the Salvation Army and they have half-off days...as in the WHOLE store is 50% off one day a week (crazy awesome right??:).

  2. PS - Do you sew?? That's one thing I want to learn...that way I could adjust and alter articles of clothing that I find and love but don't quite fit. :)

  3. Yay for me! Your thrifting almost always ends up in gifting too :)

  4. PS! I nominated you and your lovely blog for the Liebster Award :) You can check out my latest post about it if you wish!


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