16 October, 2012


This is what I live for. A snuggly, happy morning with two rested kids who want to just snuggle the heck out of each other on a clean, vacuumed rug while I, their showered and equally rested mommy, snap photos. 

Okay, I lied about the showered part. And the rested part. And the vacuumed part. And the clean part, too. But the truth is that these two kiddos love each other a lot. Kjel (pronounced like bell with a 'K') smiles her face off every time she sees him or hears his voice and Gage has to be literally contained from squeezing the life out of his little sister because he is just so filled with that smushy, grabby love when she smiles.

I remember my mom saying when we were younger that she didn't care what state the house was in, how we looked or what we were doing (to a degree), as long as we were all getting along. Amen to that! These two don't get into fights or arguments (it's hard to fight when you can't talk/have no teeth or fine motor skills) but there is a special feeling in the house that just warms me up when I see the two of them smiling their mischevious smiles at each other, or squeezing each others little hands or cheeks. 
I love being a mom. 


  1. and AMEN to this post! They are precious sweetie!

  2. Thank you for your comment on my banana muffins post. I had to pop over to catch a glimpse of your kids. They are so sweet!


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