23 October, 2012

New York in the Fall

Tom Hanks is like, the ultimate charmer in my opinion. On You've Got Mail when he sends the email to Meg Ryan about how the fall season makes him want to buy school supplies and offers to buy her a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils... ah. Romance at its finest.

And then Meg Ryan talks about how much she loves New York in the fall.

As a self-proclaimed conneseiour of all things autumn, I have to attest that I had never truly experienced the season until this very week. We are in upstate NY right now, house-hunting while Steven is in training. Oh. My. Falling. Leaves. Yesterday we took the thru-way (New Yorker speak for interstate... I think) from Malta to Syracuse. Let me tell you about.

An hour or so into the drive, Kjel fell asleep and Gage was engrossed in something on the Ipad. I cranked up the Bon Iver and said about a dozen prayers of gratitude for the immense beauty of the world in which we live. It was so peaceful. The freeway was lined with bright yellow, red and orange puffs of trees blending into each other like an impressionist painting. At the beginning of the drive there were rolling hills of kelly green and bright red a-frame barns with white trim. Slow-moving grazing cows and horses that looked wise and purposeful. As we got closer to the Erie Canal, the houses were few and far between and it was just road and landscape. I got chills when we drove over the water and saw the reflections of the trees making the water an eerie, sunset-like orange even though it was ten in the morning.

I rolled down the window for just a second because I didn't want the pulse of the wind to disturb the kiddos, but the air smelled like rich dirt and clean water. Oh, I loved it! I love autumn air. It's rich and thick and I feel like it purges my lungs of toxins and fills them with light. It does something wonderful for my soul, too. I felt new.

"Gage, put the Ipad down and look around at the trees. What do you think?"

"What colors is outside?"

"What colors do you see?"

"Lello. Green. Red. White."

"Do you see orange too?"

"Yeah. Orange."

"It's so beautiful out here it makes me want to cry."

"But are you sad?"

"No, I'm so happy to be here."

"I'm happy, too. The trees are happy, too."

Content. That's the word I've been trying to find all day. My nature is to look forward to things, to live for the future and finish the present as efficiently as possible. But the trees and the wind and water make me want to slow down, breathe deeply, love my kids, kiss my husband, and embrace health and wilderness. To be content.

Where are you this month? Do you love the fall too?


  1. Ahhhh! I'M SO JEALOUS!!! No better season than autumn! So glad you're breathing it in Brookie!

  2. Mmm...it all sounds lovely. :) How fun to be tasting fall back east! Good luck with finding a perfect place for your sweet fam, how exciting!

    And I loved reading the little conversation between you and Gage soaking up nature's finest. :)

    We're in Utah this month (and next month, and the month after...okay we need a getaway!;) and the autumn here is gorgeous. I love everything about it. It's tied with summer, because who doesn't love high temps that cause your cute kids to run around naked all day?? ;)

  3. Oh and I'll definitely let you know how the sewing thing goes! My plan is to have Santa bring me a sewing machine ;) then I'll take a few sewing lessons for my birthday in January. What you said was totally true...I hope it's enjoyable so it's worth the time. We'll see. :)

  4. Absolutely love the dialogs that Gage has!


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