10 July, 2012


I mentioned this a couple of posts ago, but we went to Disneyland last month! Our little family, plus my mom and sisters. It was a blast. 

In line for Peter Pan, Gage dwells on horrors of the Haunted Mansion

Highlights were: Gage seeing the rocket ship ride in Tomorrowland and shouting "To Infinity and Beyond!" with all of the gusto a child of his stature can conjure up. Being the only three people (my sisters and I) on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in Fantasyland... and breaking it. We were escorted out by a woman in a very manly suit. Gage meeting "Mickey the Mouse" and informing him that "this is my dream come true" with tear-filled toddler eyes. So sweet. And lastly, the happiest of all happy places in Disneyland (and consequently the whole world, since Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, of course): the toddler/infant/nursing mother room. I will elaborate.

Hidden in a corner of Main Street is a room with an unassuming wooden door and tiny windows. Upon entering, you are greeted by a woman dressed up like Katie-Nana from Mary Poppins, who asks you, so sweetly, "Are you here to nurse an infant?" 

"Why, yes, I am," you respond in a British accent, because suddenly, you are the star of your own Disney movie; a hero among heroes: a mother who has endeavored to take a newborn and a toddler to an amusement park. 

"Come this way."

And you follow her to an area that is sectioned off by victorian-style room dividers and beautiful curtains; where each slightly-cushioned wicker chair faces the same direction so that you aren't watching someone else nurse at the same time because that is always awkward. Aside from the deep breathing of sleeping infants, there is no noise. You nurse until the baby falls asleep, then realize that you are out of nursing pads. 

"Can I help you with anything else?" Pseudo Katie-Nana asks.

"Actually, I forgot to pack more nursing pads. Can I buy some here?"

"Buy some," she giggles, "You can have some." 

She hands you a stack of the expensive brand of nursing pads and curtseys (it's more of an emotional curtsey than a physical one).

Later, when your two-year-old needs to pee now, you bring him back to this magical place. 

"Of course," she says when you ask for a potty. And she leads you to a room of tiny toilets. And your toddler looks up at you with dazzled eyes. At last. 

Ahem. Anyway.

The Disney Empire sure knows how to make a mother of young kiddles happy. 

We really did have a blast; the day started out pretty cool then got nice and warm by mid-afternoon. We rode all of our favorite rides and Gage rode the Winnie-the-Pooh ride until he could sing all of the words to the song about Heffalumps and Woozles. 

Our 1,725th time riding It's a Small World
Our one regret was riding stupid Splash Mountain at 8:00 at night. Steven was in the very front, then me, then mom. We got SOAKED. ABSOLUTELY SOAKED. And of course, we froze half to death since the sun was long-gone. Plus, we drove back to Nevada that night, so we were fairly uncomfortable for the four-and-a-half hour drive since none of us had thought to bring a change of clothes. 

Gage met and subsequently fell in love with Alice. This is their engagement photo.
Wetness aside, it was just wonderful. Gage is still talking about it. His favorite ride was Peter Pan, closely seconded is It's a Small World. He didn't like Pirates of the Caribbean much, and absolutely hated the Haunted Mansion (we barely made it out of the first room with the paintings before Gage had a breakdown and we had to ask the freaky maid to escort us out of the mansion).
Bottom line, Disneyland is definitely a happy place, and the nursing room is even happier.

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