03 June, 2012

One Week (and two days)

Kjel's birthday was on Friday. Happy One Week, sweetheart!

To celebrate, we did a lot of this:

Steven goes back to school/work tomorrow and I am a little bit terrified of having two kids on my own. I have a constant worry in my heart that I'm not giving Gage enough attention. I also have no idea in heck how anyone showers with two + kids. How do you do it? Hope that they both happen to be sleeping at the same time? But Gage doesn't take naps until the afternoon... so should I resign to showerless mornings for the rest of my life? Also, Kjel has the latch of death (I'm working on figuring it out with a lactation consultant, but it's not an easy fix and I am in toe-curling yowch for about 45 minutes every two hours. Heaven help me.)I would really appreciate any ideas on how to get her mouth to open a little bigger. 

Don't get me wrong: this is bliss. I LOVE having KIDS! With an S! Plural! It is heaven. The logistics are a little hard to figure out, but the feeling is 100% joy, 10% exhaustion, but it's the good exhaustion. 

I think my subconscious is starting to suffer from sleep deprivation, though... this morning I had a dream that Steven took both kids swimming while my brothers made a HUGE picnic lunch of macaroni and cheese and rocks... I spent most of the dream trying to clean the chlorine (which was bright blue) off of Kjel while explaining to my brothers that people can't digest rocks.


  1. On the showering, wrap her up and put her in the bathroom sink that way big brother won't bug her and you can keep an eye on her. It's worked great with all my babies:) Also on the nursing, when she is about to latch on grab her bottom jaw and pull it down and shove her on, lol that way her lower lip is out and she gets a wider latch instead of just on your nipple. I had the same problem with my third and it helped. You'll do great with 2 kids by yourself and don't worry about Gage not getting enough attention, he'll be just fine and you'll learn to give them both the love they want and need with no problem. It's a gift us Mom's have to share our love with all our children equally! Your little family is adorable, enjoy your last day to get all the rest you need!

  2. I always put my babies in a bouncy seat and set it on the floor in the bathroom so I could peek out and see them. Sometimes the shower water would even make them fall asleep. Pulling the chin does help with nursing, and I'm sure the lactation nurse will give you lots of ideas. My awful pain came because my nipples would start to crack - sometimes that is happening without you visibly seeing what is going on. For that you can use a little bit of neosporin and it helps withint 24 hours. And you don't have to wash it off for them to nurse. Good luck!

  3. we had a similar 'latch of death' that corrected with a trip to the chiropractor. Baby girl was 2 days old at her first appt. The regular trauma of birth had shifted her jaw a little so all the latching tips didn't work but the chiro did.

  4. You two are such great parents!!! Beautiful baby too!

  5. Don't stress yourself out about Gage. He'll be just fine! As for showering with 2.. I would always put mine in bouncy seat in the bathroom with me but they're are obviously the same age, so that might make it a little easier. I like the idea of putting Kjel in the sink so Gage can't smother her.

  6. This makes me smile. You're in for an adventure - the best adventure ever!


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