14 June, 2012


I've been meaning to blog, but every time I open it up to start typing I remember that I haven't loaded the photos from our camera and I tell myself that I'll do it later, then I don't. Obviously.

Well, here is one photo from my phone of the darling little girl. She is wonderful. I can't even - ah - no words! She's just wonderful! We are all better and kinder and gentler because she's here. 

Today I ventured forth on my own with the two kiddos to the park. It's the second time I've been out in public with the two of them and no Steven and it went quite well. Mostly because she had eaten a ton before we left and was comatose for most of the time, but also because Gage is a stud and knows that I need him to be extra obedient when it's just us. 

I can't believe it's the middle of June. Steven graduates next month! Equally important, it was my half-birthday yesterday! Where has the time gone? My great-grandma lived for a really long time and once my mom asked her if life gets boring when it goes on for so long and you spend most of your time knitting. Great-grandma replied that no, it doesn't ever get boring because it just goes by faster and faster. Amen to that.

We are on the cusp of lots of exciting changes, and I will do a better job of recording them on this good ol' blog.

Meanwhile, I have written like 12 journal entries that translate to blog posts in my brain that I really want to blog about. To hold myself to that, I'm going to list them:
- breastfeeding and La Crazy League.. Leche League, I mean. No offense.
- phobias of drunk people
- potty training reverse-psychology does NOT work
- making friends
- the dynamics of a home when your almost-3-year-old thinks every family member is a super hero

So maybe not twelve, but five is a pretty good start.


  1. Congrats on your sweet baby girl. Aren't little babies precious... well, kids in general. :) She is a sweet heart. I chuckled a little reading about all the dilemas in caring for kids. I TOTALLY remember feeling like 'how can I get ANYTHING done?' Clearly, you'll manage. You just adjust to quicker showers, or my favorite, night showers when daddy's are around. I hope the breastfeeding thing settles in. Chances are she just needs a little more TLC in that dept. You look fabulous and I wish you and Steve nothing but the best!

  2. What a little darling! So glad everything is going wonderfully for you and your family. Congratulations to Steve in advance of graduation!

  3. what a precious baby! glad to hear you're doing well and happy for the outing success!

  4. Brooke, I seriously love reading your blogs. You're to witty. I look forward to the posts to come!

  5. Love this line, "We are all better and kinder and gentler because she's here." So sweet.

    I hope you guys stop by on your way home! (Preferably in the daylight so I can do a little mini newborn session with baby girl--then you won't have to worry about loading any pictures, I will just send them to you!)



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