20 April, 2012

Veruca... I mean, Gage

True to my word, Gage has been utterly spoiled the past couple of weeks. I love spoiling him. I know it's probably not the best way to parent, but every now and then (especially when he isn't getting the same amount of attention he's used to getting) I think he recognizes the extra effort I'm putting into making him happy and comfortable and it reminds him that he is still my number one dude.

Among the spoilage, he's been allowed to play with board games which are usually totally forbidden. His favorite is Rummikube. 

Cookies. Sweets. Lots of them. In this photo, we were just finishing up the last batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

 Snuggling and playing outside.... so much. I cannot tell you how much time we have spent on bike rides. The past few days I haven't been up for it as much (my lower back has been KILLING me with a capital K!) But as often as I feel like I can, we bike down to the park or around the neighborhood and he loves being my co-pilot.

Mommy-Daddy time. Gage took this family picture of us with my phone. I love it. Steven is so great with Gage. He takes Gage with him on errands as often as it makes sense to, and plays with him wildly outside or around the house until they are both exhausted, which is saying a lot because Steven is the hardest working person I know - he's taking a full load of classes this semester (his very last! wahoo!), and working two jobs part-time. He is our hero! And my favorite thing is that he loves playing with Gage. I love that he loves fatherhood. Best daddy ever.

And lastly, perhaps most importantly, we got Gage a betta fish. His name is Flounder and Gage adores him. He sings him to sleep every day at nap time and then again at bed time. Best six bucks we ever spent! It'll be a week on Saturday since he became a Redfern and he is still alive. I just checked. Darwin would be proud.

Oh, and please observe the band aid on Gage's hand in this picture - it is a Phineus and Ferb band aid. My little brother, Bryan, showed Gage this cartoon a few times when we were in Nevada, and since then, Gage talks about it all the time. So when he got a terrible owie the other day, his tears dried in record time once he saw the band-aid box with his two favorite cartoon fellas.

The spoiling will continue at full-force once my mom and sisters arrive. Gage is already gearing up for it, telling me about how Grandma is bringing him lots and lots of presents and how Sierra and Azure are going to take him to eat French fries every day. Ladies, you have a lot to live up to ;)

As for my progress... it's kind of like Gage's potty-training situation. Pretty stop and go. I'll have some fairly steady, strong contractions for a fairly good length of time - usually an hour or so, then bam. They're gone. Then they come on again suddenly. Then they're gone. While this was infuriating when I was pregnant with Gage, I really do prefer it this way. I know that my body is doing everything it can now, while it's still early on, so that things will (hopefully) be a little easier later on than they would be otherwise. Go body! I have an appointment on Monday and will give a better update then, when I know more. 

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