06 April, 2012

Things for Baby

When I was pregnant with Gage, his room was ready by month 4 of the pregnancy. I had every single baby item I needed/wanted purchased and put away long before I entered my last trimester.

Yeah, that has not happened with this little one. I don't know if it's that I'm so much busier as a mom than I was as a student, or if I have just become totally lazy, but Baby Girl is seriously lacking in the things department!

I still need:

A baby wrap. I'm thinking the Moby Wrap would be perfect.

A stroller.

A bassinet and/or crib.

A Boppy.

And those are just the big things! I'm not even going into all of the creams, bottles, liners, baby nail clippers, etc. Basically, she just has a ton of awesome clothes and blankets. And a loving family... and I guess all you need is love?

Ugh. I just can't believe my level of procrastination. It is sickening.

Someone pinch me, make me a to-do list, then pump me full of adrenaline and send me to Target!


  1. oh my gosh I looove Moby wraps, thats what I used when I was a nanny. LOVE.

  2. I have a moby wrap and love that thing. I also have a boppy. Use it everyday!

  3. Awww - I can't believe Gage was ever that tiny! Let's go SHOPPING! Gotta get you ready sweetie!


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