12 April, 2012

The Name

image via pinterest

It has been so fun trying to figure out what to name this baby. Fun as soon as I got rid of the brackets and alphabetical lists and geographical charts as to where each name originated.... that part was stressful. But since then, so much fun.

These are the criteria for S&B Redfern Childrens' names:
  • Simple and phonetic
  • Original but not trendy original
  • Short - we like one or two (sometimes three) syllable names
  • And lastly.... They must have a great legacy behind them. For our boys, that's easy. Their middle names will be family names (Gage's is Harrison, after his daddy). But for our girls, that's tougher because they won't have middle names, and though there are some fantastic names in our genealogy, we haven't found any yet that we love.

So. When deciding the name for this baby, we had plenty of the first three criterion, but almost none of the last.

And then we had an experience that I'm sure I'll blog about in due time that led us to meet someone that we wanted to name this baby after. We tried different variations of the name, adding and subtracting letters and all of that, but in the end, we just went with a shorter, one syllable version.

So without further rambling, the name we picked is Kelle. Kelle is not pronounced like "Kel-ly", it's only one syllable. Like "bell" with a K.

image via pinterest

According to the internet, only a handful of boys in Ireland have this name, and they spell it without the "e" at the end, so it's fairly original, though I'm sure everyone will want to call her Kelly and she'll spend her whole life saying, "Oh, just Kelle, actually." "Is that short for something else?" "Nope, just Kelle."

Kelle, can't wait till you're ready to meet us!

I realize that posting this on the internet before she's born practically invites people to proclaim their dislike for the name if they happen to dislike it, but I appreciate in advance the kind comments that we'll receive about it, even if you aren't the biggest fan :)


  1. LOVE it :)
    So simple and original

  2. Gage and Kelle... Brookie, you did it! Kelle is a perfect name! I love it! I've already said out loud, "Oh hey, Kelle!" I always have to use the name in some sort of sentence to really get a feel for it.. and boy did I love it even more when I did! I can't wait to meet Kelle. She is going to be darling. Love you! s+b+g+k... ahh love :)
    Ps. When I read the name I totally pronounced it the right way... no Kelly went through my mind!

  3. OO I like it! Adorable. Can not wait to meet her. :)

  4. I like it! It looks French!
    I must ask though, why no middle names for girls?

  5. love it! i love simple, short names. i have a friend who just named her baby girl Ever and she got tons of flack for it, but I think it's beautiful. And another friend who named her baby girl Steele (pronounced like steel)and she got a lot of funny, disapproving looks/comments but I love that name. I think Kelle is BEAUTIFUL and who cares about the stupid people who don't know when to keep unkind words and opinions to themselves. well done brooke and steve! awesome name! <3

  6. I'm happy to see that all the comments are very possitive so far and I hope it stays tha1t way! I love how original it is, beautiful!


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