14 March, 2012


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Like when I try to describe how I feel when Gage says, "I yuv you becuth you aw fweet (sweet) to me",

Or how much my body needs grapefruit lately,

Or how disappointed we were when we started the movie Crazy Stupid Love after many high recommendations and couldn't get past the first 20 minutes,

Or how much gratitude I'm brimming with when I see Steven and Gage doing the dishes together (without even being hinted at),

Or how excited I am that our baby girl is coming in less than ten weeks! WHAT?!

Very true, Mr. Snicket... sometimes words really aren't enough.


  1. Super excited for you and your sweet growing family! I'm not sure what it is but I cannot get enough grapefruit lately too, but I am for sure not pregnant! My kids think it's gross but I have to have one every morning, mmmmmm....


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