22 March, 2012

Sugar Time

So my sugar "fast" ended on the 21st. I was definitely not as strict as I could/should have been - cupcakes with my sis when she came to visit, a little fro-yo here and there... but I did cut back a lot and I feel much better.

I thought that yesterday when it officially ended, I would be all over the sweets - literally, I pictured myself eating brown sugar with a spoon, hunched over in the kitchen (picture a pregnant Golem). But alas, the myth is true, at least for me, that the less sugar you eat, the less you crave it. I think it also has to do with the sunshine outside - when it's snowy and dismal, I just want to stuff my face with creamy, warm desserts. But when it's sunny and warm, I crave fresh, crunchy veggies and fruit.

I am so excited for spring! Mostly because I have this image in my head of taking both kids to the park and laying in the grass with our newborn (of course I'm really thin and tan and my hair is unusually voluminous) while Gage runs around having sword fights with himself under a cloudless sky, singing primary songs.... (insert reality here: take both kids to the park, leak breast milk everywhere, lose Gage in a crowd of sweaty toddlers, eventually find him smearing poop on another kid under the slide, grab both children under my arms and run).

Either way, it beats being cooped up inside, watching the snow turn to slush turn to ice turn to mud turn to depression.

Yay for spring! And sugar!


  1. your third paragraph is hysterical.

  2. Agree with Hanna, hilarious! Sitting here in the kitchen laughing.


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