27 March, 2012

Rexburg's Best Kept Secret

Last week, Gage and I kidnapped Steven from work and visited the hospital where Gage was born (and where his baby sis will be born, too). I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane (literally... it's like a mile to the maternity ward from the front desk) and also give Gage a little play-by-play of how things will go down once I'm in labor.

All of that walking made us tremendously hungry... so we paid a little visit to the hospital cafeteria.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Gross." You, my friend, are mistaken. We happened upon the cafeteria almost three years ago when I was in labor with Gage and absolutely starving. The nurses were having me walk around the hospital to push him along, and of course when someone says, "Oh, by the way, no eating from now until... oh, who knows. Could be days! But don't eat anything. At all." You get hungry. And when you're toting around another human being who is feeding off of your nutrients, you're always hungry anyway.

So I sniffed out the cafeteria and gorged on probably the worst food you can eat before birthing. Cod nuggets. Don't even ask. I just wanted them, okay? Steven was in heaven in the cafeteria; he is a major fan of bacon cheeseburgers and seeing that you could get a huge, juicy, grilled-right-in-front-of-you-fresh-never-frozen-beef-with-a-buttery-grilled-bun-and-fresh-real-cheese-and-sizzling-bacon-and-fresh-veggies-bacon-cheeseburger for only $2.00, he might have died for a second.

He was sold. I was sold. Mom was sold (hi Mom!)

And now Gage is sold:

Here's the skinny: two burgers (one was a bacon cheeseburger, one a plain hamburger), a corndog, two orders of tater tots and an enormous cup of water... ready? $8.00. A little over $2.00 a person and we left totally satisfied. I was a little nauseated because I can't stand grease, but at the same time I crave burgers constantly, so I was confused. Okay? Jeez.

Obviously, you don't want to eat here every day. Or even every week for that matter, but if you are craving some fatty food and you don't want to spend a million bucks, visit the hospital cafeteria. You're welcome and you can thank me by buying me one of their ENORMOUS chocolate chip cookies for a dime.

P.S. GIVEAWAY TOMORROW! Come back bright and early for details.


  1. Mark and I fell in love with our hospital cafeteria too. After we would visit our midwife we would swing by there before going back to work.... It was so cheap too! BTW I can't wait for the give away!

  2. Hi Babe. Yup - best kept secret!

  3. Oh my goodness... only in Rexburg. I hated my hospitals food, thus this time around I'm stating only a 3 day max stay-- even with my c-section. You're so lucky! :)


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