06 March, 2012

Migraine headaches

ARE THE WORST! As of this morning, I have had four migraines in my life; I remember each of them vividly. I don't have any clue how those people who get them regularly cope with life. I was out of commission till 3:00 this afternoon and I'm still shaky and out of it.

I get so sensitive to light and sound, then my left eye starts feeling irritated - kind of like that itchy, throbbing pain when you get jabbed in the eye, or when you've slept with a ton of mascara on. And then I start seeing these wavy lines. And then I call an emergency family meeting and get as much done as I can before the pain hits. Then I try to sleep.

Thank goodness today wasn't nearly as bad as the last one I had back in May - I fell asleep before the pain was bad and was able to sleep through the worst of it. Steven and Gage were wonderful; Gage graciously gave up his bedroom since it's the darkest room in the apartment and Steven kept him entertained (so amazingly quietly) in the living room so that I didn't get woken up.

I feel so bad for people that get them regularly, or for long periods of time! Do you get migraines? How often? How do you treat them? I want to know what (other than sleep) helps to control them/stop them. Details, please!


  1. Migraines are the worst. My mom gets them semi frequently, until I introduced the amber necklaces to her. She always wears one now, and she said sometimes she will see the lights (the beginning of a migraine for her) and then nothing else happens. She is very grateful for them. I love them as well, for when I eat food dye, or chemicals in food (I get headaches from that) and it will take the pain away. My two youngest wear them for teething pain, and it allows them to sleep through the night. Right now at inspiredbyfinn.com they have a 33% off your order (just type 33 in the discount code part) They really are a blessing from Heaven for our family. We also use essential oils, and love them, but it isn't a constant feed of pain reliever like the amber necklaces are. If you do get one, make sure you get one that is a legit source. Good luck to you!


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