26 March, 2012

Before Baby To-Do List

1. Schedule dentist appointments (it's been almost five years since Steven and I have had a cleaning. Yikes.)

2. Clean out cupboards

3. Dry-cleaning! (For crying out loud, Brooke, just take the clothes in already!)

4. Really, truly clean out car

5. Clean out storage area thoroughly

6. Clean out nightstands

7. Organize DVDs

8. Prepare thank-you cards


10. Acquire/Read Hypno birthing book (anyone have any info on hypnobirthing? Can I pick your brain?)

We learned a lot from having Gage. One very important lesson for me was that the nesting instinct goes out the window once a little newborn is in my life. Everything organizational needs to be done before baby if I want it done in the next six months. Hence, my list is mostly organizational stuff that I've been meaning to do forever and plan on doing...oh, around week 35 when I get that weird boost of energy that carries me through to delivery a few weeks later.

Guys, I am so excited. I haven't wanted to be all, 'look at me, look at me', but I've decided that I am going to deliver this baby naturally. My midwives are amazing and I'm trying to learn everything I can and practice everything I can to have a healthy, natural delivery. (I do not begrudge the epidural, in fact, I loved my epidural with Gage. I remember thinking - I'd live in a permanent state of numbness if I could...) But I just feel like this time, natural is the way to go.

I'd LOVE to hear about others' experiences with natural births - what techniques did you use? Did you use the tub? Did you use one of those Dwight Schrute exercise balls? I will pay you in admiration and good thoughts if you share about your experience with me!


  1. I had my oldest in 2001.. 11 years ago. All natural. I wanted complete quietness and I labored in the tub. I would stay in there and just switch out the water as it got cold. I had pain, but it was tolerable. Breathing through with the contractions helped a lot. Hypno was probably after then, but I labored very similar to what they practice. The tub is THE best thing to a natural labor, in my opinion. Good luck!

  2. Unfortunately, I don't have any birthing advice but I can give encouragement. YOU WILL DO AWESOME! That little girl is so lucky to be coming to you.

    Also, if I lived closer I would be over in a heartbeat to help you clean/organize. I'm not one to talk myself up but I will this time. I'm dang good at both those thing :)

    Love you!

  3. My first I had an epidural and it was amazing and I remember thinking why on earth would anyone not do this! After that though I started thinking that I could do it naturally. I am preparing for a natural birth in November and just love that you are as well. I will also be doing hypnobirthing so I am excited to hear how it goes for you. You are so much closer than I am! I cant give you any advice but I know you can do it! =)


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