06 February, 2012

Who in the world is Brooke going to vote for?

Yesterday while I was sitting in the foyer of our church building (while Gage was running around like a wildman yelling, "Buzz Buzz Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!"), this girl was sitting next to me rocking her baby to sleep. We started a whispered conversation back and forth and she asked me what I'd studied in school.
When I told her that my major was Political Science, she got all animated about how she and her husband just love Romney and who do you support in the party?
How do I say this? "I have no idea."
"But you're a poli-sci major."
"Yeah. I still don't know."
"So you're just like... really studying it out before you make a decision."
"Sort of," swallow, "Well, no. I haven't actually studied anything - just a few articles here and there. But that's really all."
"Oh, well, then you should just vote for Romney."

I have not done my duty as an American this time around. But I guess it's never too late to be a responsible voter :) I'll just keep gathering little pieces of info (as unbiased as I can find) and try to decipher who I feel best about.

Ron Paul: big supporter for a while but recently read some of his views that I disagree with.
Barack Obama: it's a proven fact that Americans always demonize their current president. It's hard to find middle-ground, fact-based writ on the man. Still searching.
Mitt Romney: I identify with him for obvious reasons (no, not our bank accounts - our religion), but that isn't something to base a vote off of. His hair, however, is another matter.
Newt Gingritch: His name is Newt. Going with my gut on this one with a solid, resounding "No!"

I'm trying to avoid rhetoric like the plague - like the whole "Obama's spent so much more than every president combined" (did you take into consideration that he was thrust into the middle of a very, very expensive war/an enormous, terrifying recession?) and all the digging up of old voting records of Romney, trying to prove that he is the biggest flip-flopper in the land...

I just want facts. What is his view on education spending? War? The environment? Size and expanse of central government? Please, no adjectives or adverbs and not a single declaration of "in my opinion". And I'd like them emailed to me in a 2-hour audio file that I can listen to while exercising/doing the dishes. And I'd like them to be stated in a British/Indian accent. Anyone care to send that bad boy over here?


  1. Now wouldn't you be surprised if I was able to give you just that?
    (...I can't, sorry...!)

    And I must say, you're reasoning against Newt Gingrich is quite expansively researched!

    I wish I could comment so much more insightfully, but alas, I have no done much research either other than "keeping up with the news" and my own gut.

    Hope you find what you're looking for!

  2. I usually am not good at following politics either, but I have really gotten into the debates this year. I have been surprised by how vague the candidates have been in their responses (to please everyone and offend no one, I'm sure). The only true-to-himself candidate that I can clearly identify his stance is Ron Paul, and like you said, his views are sometimes off base. Watch the next debate and you'll get a glimpse.

    I have to say, though, that I haven't done much research beyond that. I'm too cautious of propoganda or bias.

  3. I took this quiz and thought it was interesting. You can hover over each candidate to see what they support, etc.

    You can also say how important each topic it to you.

    Disclaimer: It is hard to know how accurate this is as well, but still interesting.



  4. I'm feeling the same way, so if you happen to find what you're looking for, please post it here.


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