23 February, 2012

Two whole years:

My little brother, Bryan, went to the LDS Missionary Training Center yesterday. He will be there (it's in Utah) for 6 weeks studying Tagalog and how to be an effective missionary before he leaves for the Quezon City mission in the Philippines.

Oh, how I love my Bry. I was with my mom when we picked him up from the adoption agency when he was only five weeks old; I was absolutely fascinated with his curls and that he smelled like tofu with soy sauce. He was the fattest baby after a few weeks but that didn't keep me from pulling him onto my five-year-old skinny-white-girl lap and trying to play "mommy". I still kind of feel like his mom sometimes.

I thought about the similarities between picking him up when he was a baby from the agency and dropping him off as an adult at the MTC. He was my brother the moment I saw him, he's still my "baby" brother, even at 19. He was alone when we came for him, he entered the MTC without any family taking him through the doors.

Lots of similarities, but a few differences. He's taller, for one. But the biggest difference is that he is so brave now; he was a sweet, needy baby. And now he's an independent, adorable, nerdy (in all the best ways), strong man.

I miss him tons!

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