27 February, 2012


Disclaimer: this post is about pregnancy. I know that sometimes when things on the fertility train are rough, it is just not fun to read about someone else's pregnancy. If you aren't feeling it, know that I totally get it if you just close the window.

You know that quote, "when in the pursuit of happiness, one should pause and just be happy" (or something like that?) I am totally in support of the school of thought that while in the pursuit of creating a living human being in one's womb, one should relax often and just be pregnant.

This week has hit me like a ton of bricks; after quite a lot of traveling, visits, and emotional happenings, I am so tired! I've spent the past six months of this pregnancy doing so much to keep this pregnancy safe and healthy, and of course I'm happy with the choices I've made in actively seeking health and nutrition and spending a huge portion of time, money and especially energy to having an optimal pregnancy for this baby girl to grow in a haven of warm, healthy uterus, however, I am ready to slow things down a little. Longest sentence ever.

Obviously I'm not going to sit around eating twinkies and playing words with friends. I'm just going to cut back on the exercise a little (Braxton Hicks were getting a little too frequent and painful during long periods of exercise), take frequent breaks throughout the day to elevate my legs (Varicose veins run in my family), and most importantly, sleep when I need to sleep.

Nothing is more satisfying to me in the whole world than, at the end of the day, knowing that that particular day, I've done everything that I could to raise Gage to be a good, righteous, kind person.

I'm starting to develop that same need for this child in my belly; if, at the end of the day I realize that I've overdone it and my fatigue came from being too over-zealous, I feel unsatisfied with myself. Even though she's obviously not a learning, speaking toddler or anything close to that at this point, I've got to be a good mother. Her needs have changed: for her to be optimal in health and happiness, I've got to take a chill pill.

So, with that said, I'm planning on a little siesta around 2:00 (right after Gage falls asleep for his nap). If you are in the neighborhood and would like to curl up and read or doze or get work done in a comfy rocking chair, you are totally invited to join me.

Here are some "new" belly pictures:

25 weeks

26 weeks

28 weeks

I am so, so grateful for this little being.


  1. you have a very cute pregnant belly, miss brooke. <3 your blog.

  2. What?! I left a comment and it won't post!!! I'm just saying that I love your belly pics - especially the one with the skinny belt AND I love the one you didn't post of your belly with Bryan by you.

  3. Super cute belly shots - I love all your great outfits...such style!

  4. You look so good. I wish I could stop by and read with you. That wounds heavenly! Glad things are slowing down a bit for you. It's nice to take it easy when you can. Sure love you!


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