24 February, 2012

Refurbish a Chair (The Easy Way)

I have been on the market for a super comfy rocking chair for months now; from Gage's days as a newborn, I know that I will probably be sleeping in it for at least two months, maybe more. So I needed something seriously comfortable, well-shaped, with a healthy rocking rhythm to it.

I found it. For $12 at DI (thrift store). Though it was extremely ugly, it was so comfortable and I loved the shape. So we bought it and brought it home and refurbished that sucker like there was no tomorrow.

And for the "before" chair, there wasn't. Because, though it took me about eight hours, I finished it in one night. Go ahead, call me Super Woman. Oh, stop.

Here is the final product:

Here is how you do it: it's very similar to making a dress with a mannequin - you basically drape the material, pin it into place and then either staple gun it or hot glue it directly onto the chair itself. My best advice if you want it, is to just go at it. Nothing terrible will happen if you make a mistake- you'll just put more fabric over it. If that's the style you're going for. Now, if you want something with really clean lines then I can't really help you. I was going for a more rustic, shabby chic look (or in other words, I had no idea what the heck I was doing, and just went at it with pins, needles, thread and a hot glue gun).

I love this chair. I can't wait to hold baby girl in it during the early morning hours. Speaking of... only a little over two months left!


  1. Brooke. It looks really cute. I tackled a similar project when refurbishing an old glider purchased from Savers (a thirft store in Boise) before I had Q. Although I had the help of my mother in law, who was a little better at things like that than I was at the time. I think you did FABULOUS job. Kudos on the super cute fabric too!

  2. Wow you are super woman!! Looks awesome.

  3. So cute and so comfy and your husband is adorable for bringing it out for me to watch movies in every night.

    Love you guys!


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