16 February, 2012

Post-Holiday Pinks

This was the fifth Valentine's Day that Steven and I have had together. I love this holiday! We get so excited for the weeks prior, planning our date. I think it's because we'd only been dating for a month or so for our very first Valentine's Day and the anticipation was so great that it's carried over into our marriage. Because we seriously LOVE this holiday!

Steven did that sweet hacked blog post for me, but he didn't put in anything that he did for me! I will tell you! He surprised me with the most perfect lunch EVER, bought Gage the movie "Tangled" (or in Gage's language "Tangled Up Guy Movie"), played like a wildman with Gage for an hour or so after work, then took me on a date. We are early-to-bed people, so we only stayed out till about nine and then came home to a super happy, super tired little boy (he loves the girl that babysat him), and then spent the rest of the night snuggled up in bed, reading and eating chocolate.

Surprise lunch from Steven - the 'Rex'burger. Yum.

Surprise lunch for Gage - French fries and fry sauce.

Steven decorated our table with a fancy tablecloth and candles at the restaurant.

So perfect. The only thing I'd change is that I bought a lot of candy and it's the good kind of candy. And I'm in big trouble. At my last appointment, my doctor said I could just skip the glucose test for gestational diabetes because everything looks good and I'm not at risk, but I am seriously thinking that after all the chocolate I've eaten, a glucose test might be a smart idea.

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day, too!


  1. What a wonderful day. :) I'm early to bed as well. Once the boys are down I enjoy snuggling up with a book. Love you!

  2. You're a lucky little lady! Talk about super creative with the pink table cloth... Steve is giving the rest of us guys a pretty low bar to fit under! :-)


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