01 February, 2012

Morning Lullabies

A couple weeks before Gage was born, I made a CD with our favorite Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor and Iron and Wine songs. I put it in the car's CD player and didn't take it out for a year. Tee-hee. We leave CDs in until they're either broken from playing so long or we want to break them because we're so sick of the songs.

So anyway, you know that weird phenomenon that the same song is always on when you start the car? Like, the last person that drove ended their drive at the beginning of that song, so you always hear it, first thing in the morning when you jump in the car for class?

That is how I began to really love the song "Morning Lullabies" by Ingrid Michaelson. I liked it before; I thought it was a little weird because I thought it was about her boyfriend. But then one morning when Gage was just a few weeks old, I remember laying on the bed around six in the morning, he hadn't really slept that night, and the sun was just barely shining through our curtains, and his little face was just so sweet and perfect. And, of course, I did sing him morning lullabies until we both fell back asleep.

He's so darling. I just love him so much. Since he sleeps in a big-boy-bed now, he can just get up and run into our room whenever he wants; he really exploited that privilege the first couple of weeks, but now he just comes in early in the morning when he first wakes up and falls back asleep between us.

I don't think there is anything better in the whole world than waking up next to your baby. I know there's all sorts of controversy about co-sleeping and it isn't something that we did/do every night (parents need sleep too), but oh my word, when I die one of the things I'll be thinking about is how heavenly it was to see my boys breathing and dreaming in the early mornings.


  1. I love when my boys sleep together...It is so precious. And yes, when they were little enough they were welcome in our bed (for too to be up mornings). Now that we have two and they're so big, there's hardly room for all four of us in our queen size bed, but I, too, treasure the moments because they won't happen forever.

  2. What a sweet post. I love having little ones ( and a little bit bigger ones ) climb into our bed. There's just a tenderness about a barely awake child ...


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